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CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- Saturday 9am Recorded Session

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- Sunday 4pm- Yoga w MarĂ­a IX Recorded Session

Monday MURPH Event- no zoom link needed here 🙂 Far north Zuma lot at 7:30am

Saturday 200523 Workout

3 rounds, each for max reps of
1 minute max box jumps 24/20”
2 minutes handstand hold
3 minutes max weighted step ups 50/35# DB
Rest 2 minutes
*subtract 1 rep every time you drop from the handstand hold
Post total reps, box height, and load
Intended stimulus
Mental toughness. That is what today requires. You will work hard for 6 minutes and then rest for 2. And then you’ll do it all again… and again. On round 1, be conservative. Be especially intentional about a steady pace that allows you to work for the full 6 minutes. Moving forward, you should aim to get more reps in round 2 than you did in round 1. Perhaps, you’ll even be able to pull out a few more reps in round 3 than you did in round 2! 3 minutes of weighted step ups will feel like an eternity, and that’s okay. Remember— mental toughness.
General Warm Up
Begin with some reverse step lunges and some leg swings/swipes. Grab a PVC for some pass-throughs, rotations, and around-the-worlds. Hold up your PVC fro 5 windmills on each side. Put the PVC on your shoulders and go for 10 slow good-mornings. Walk out into plank and get in 10 down dog push ups. Hang out in down dog and shift your weight forward and back to warm up the wrists. Now, stand up for some tall Simon shuffle. Nice and bouncy.
Specific Warm up
Find a box that you can jump to without worrying about missing and go for some step ups. Stand up tall every rep. Get in 20 step ups at a fast pace before moving into some jumps. Stand up at the top, and then step down. Grab a heavy weight and make your step ups a bit harder. You can hold your weight like a goblet squat, on either shoulder, or behind your head. Today, it’s your choice. Set down the weight and prop your feet up on the box and walk your hands out in front of you. Look at your feet and notice that your hips are DIRECTLY over your shoulders. If you are going to do handstand against the wall, kick up, point your toes, press through your shoulders and hold for 30 seconds. Play around with scaling— on a box, with one leg in the air, etc… Come back to your box for 10 jumps and 10 weight step ups. Pay attention to your heart rate. Can you maintain a pace like that for the workout?
Workout Notes
Really pace the first round. Take that first minute of jumps with a steady pace, knowing that you have 2 minutes of handstand and 3 minutes of hard weighted step ups coming right up. When you kick up into your handstand, make a decision that you aren’t going to drop for x amount of seconds. You shouldn’t have to come down from your inversion every 10 seconds… if that’s the case, you need to adjust your scaling to something a bit easier. And we’ll finish each round with 3 minutes of heavy step ups. Hold the weight above your waist and just keep moving. Control your breath, drive through the heel, and stand tall at the top. Think of it as an intense hike and you’ll be just fine. Finish round 1, write down your total reps, and find a way to beat that number in round 2. Do the same for round 3.
Lay on your back for some spinal twists. Hug your knees, hang out in happy baby, and give your legs a rest.

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