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Friday 200522 Power Clean and Jerk

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am Recorded Session on ZOOM

Friday’s Workout
Power clean and jerk
Post number of sets at heaviest load

Intended Stimulus
Heavy day. Lift ’em if you got ’em. Barbells and bumper plates that is. Use any ground to overhead- but the push jerk is the stand-by. Go ahead and split jerk for one of two reasons: 1) you HAVE to because you are going really heavy and this movement will get you more power or 2) you don’t have much weight available to use and you want to work on mechanics of this movement. The primary goal- if you DO have a full weight set- is to get a single, 5-rep set at over 80% of your current 1RM. If you don’t have quite as much- then go for a volume set- stick with the same, albeit a lighter load, over the 5 sets. IF you don’t have heavy weight at all- you can work on strengthening your movement mechanics AND perhaps holding some positions to increase “time under tension.”

General Warm Up
One minute of Simon Shuffle while I go over the workout focus with the group. Then let’s do a version of what we will do for the Memorial Day Workout on Monday: 400m run (one mile on Monday) 2 rounds (Monday Rx will be 20 rounds) of 4 broad jumps (Monday- retaining wall jump overs), 10 push ups and 15 air squats (same as on Monday) and then another 400m run.

Specific Warm Up
we will run a few sets of basic barbell warm ups and then move into some technique work at light loads. Some hang power cleans, some 2 position power cleans and then pressing and jerk practice. Likely we will run a couple of split jerk footwork drills. Then we will get 2-3 sets of moderate loads before getting into the 5×5.

Workout Notes
As implied above- if you are doing a volume set of work, you will start the 5×5 at the same load that you will use all the way across the 5 sets. Rest 3-5 minutes between sets. You can practice your split jerk footwork drills between sets. For those working up to a heavy 5 rep set- keep increasing across the sets. If you come to the 9am zoom class it will possible to watch and critique some of your lifting from afar.

If you missed out on Wednesday’s ‘one mile cool down run’… consider getting that in today. Monday morning’s will be on the beach from Zuma towards Point Dume.

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