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Thursday 200521 TWO Each for Time

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am Recorded Class session

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Class Session

Two rounds each for time of:
100 m single arm farmer’s carry (32/28 kg KB)
15 back burpees
20 alt. dumbbell snatch (50/35# DB)
35 SDLHP (32/28 kg KB)
20 alt. dumbbell snatch
15 back burpees
100 m single arm farmer’s carry
— Rest as needed between rounds (5-8 minutes)

Intended Stimulus
Three, two, one, GO…farmer’s carry to farmer’s carry. A quick, intense chipper, working your way up and down this pyramid scheme. Look at the clock, write the time down and REST…for as long as you need, minimum 5 minutes. Why? So, that you can push through with the same or MORE voracity and power for your second round of this. Yes, you will complete this twice. So, do not underestimate the rest time, especially if you are doing this on your own. We are moving through various different movements with heavy-ish weight, choose to go on the heavier side today and stick to it.

General Warm Up
Let’s begin with 15 burpees, why not! Then stay in that plank position and move through slow mountain climbers for a minute (hold each lunge for a couple of seconds). Lay on your back for 15 straight legged sit ups and some glute bridges, both feet on the ground, then some single legged glute bridges. Bring your arms to a T, right knee to your chest and twist, keep that right shoulder on the ground..9 more times. Roll on up to standing and grab a PVC pipe for pass throughs, windmills, good mornings and slow overheard squats.

Specific Warm Up
Pick up your KB and get 10 deadlifts, 5 sumo deadlifts and then, 5 SDLHP. Stand by your KB, brace your core and pick it up and walk your 100 m route (roughly 50 big steps out and 50 big steps back). If we were at the Hut, we would walk to the gate and back for 100 m. Set that KB down with CONTROL. Lay on your back for 10 back burpees. Now, onto the single dumbbell for 5 more deadlifts, 5 deadlifts and shrugs and then 5 snatches (squeeze the glutes for FULL hip extension) – each arm. Come back to your KB, pick up it with the other arm and go out for another 100 m farmer’s carry. Increase the weight for the SDLHP and snatches and get 10 of each.

Workout Notes
Move through the back burpees with a consistent solid pace, find the most efficient way that works for you to get from  a supine position to standing – either placing two hands by your side as you stand, no hands, or leaning over to one side. Just make sure that heels, calves and fingers tips touch the ground before you stand. Extend the elbows before you shoot your hips back in both the SDLHP and snatches. Additionally, keep that weight moving in a straight line, really close to the body. Brace the midline in the farmer’s carry, be mindful of keeping both shoulders level – avoid leaning over to the side that is holding the KB. Rest as long as you need, 5-8 minutes, sit, chat with your fellow zoomies, and brace yourself for round two.

Come into a child’s pose, first with knees touching and arms reaching back to give your arms and shoulders a break – take this time to catch your breathe. Now widen your knees and reach your arms forward, alternate pushing your right, and then left, armpit towards the floor. Then lay down on your belly and move through a couple of slow scorpions.

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