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Monday 200518 AMRAP Bodyweight

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Monday Workout of the Day- End of Week Eight
As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
25 foot handstand walk
75 foot walking lunge
25 reps strict abmat sit ups
Post number of rounds and extra reps
10 minutes of work on scales and L-Sits

Intended Stimulus
This one is a bit mixed due to the fact that the handstand walk is illusive to many of us… so for the Rx, this will actually be quite a short handstand walk and a very fast lunge… it is bodyweight and ONLY about 25 steps SO I think the time spend on the sit ups will be the time to reenergize. For those not totally adapted to inversions- the handstand will take some toll. Shoot for completing round 1 in under or about 2 minutes. Then watch those seconds accumulate for every round to come 🙂

General Warm Up
After measuring off your 25 foot course (for most people, it will be about 8 big steps… think about the length of the big room at the Hut!) -then- get in 4 shuttle runs. Run to one side, touch the GROUND, return to the other side. Four lengths- that is 100 feet. Then do 4 step lunges, 4 air squats and 4 burpees. Back to the 25 foot course for 4 shuttle RUN lengths, then 2 shuttles done in bear crawl. Repeat that for a total of 3 rounds! There is your basic handstand walk warm up:) Kick up against a wall and get in 30 seconds of handstand hold then hang from pull up bar for 30 seconds. Set up 2 parallettes, boxes or chairs to work through some of the dips you are STILL sore from on Saturday!

Specific Warm Up
Find a down dog position and do 10 alternating shoulder taps. Come up to standing and do wrist circles in each direction. On your pull up bar or rings- get a false grip and so some hanging… maybe even a few pull ups. Wrist strengtheners for sure! You have done some lunges already- but let’s get some lizard lunge mobility and then a few alternating mountain climbers. I often move into some TGU set ups to get some hip raises (first and second moves of a TGU) for some stretch and strengthen of this position off the floor… very good transfer to other activities like surfing, break dancing, and grappling. Now we can go with the feet up on a barbell and some more shoulder taps. If you can do 10 in a row- try them while in a handstand against the wall. You handstand walkers- get in some reps here.

Workout Notes
Scaling or modification for the walk: each hand tap counts as 1 foot- so 25 taps while inverted. Or if you can in SOME inverted walking… then do it! Challenge yourself today. Perhaps you can go with a 1 minute time limit OR a number of attempts to get in the 25 feet. Lunges are light- get them all in. Those who would like to- can hold on to something for more security in the lunge. Keep those hips and feet on the ground in the sit up- these are strict!

Let’s get back to a 1 minute shuttle run to cool down. Back to parallettes to hold some plank and to prep for the L-sit work! Get in a few minutes of shoulder stretching today- some hanging and chilld’s pose. Work between the shoulder blades with your lax ball.

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