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Thursday 200514 For Max Push Ups

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am RECORDED Class Session

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Session

5 – 3 minute rounds, for MAX reps of:
15 deadlifts
10 hang squat cleans
Max army combat fitness test push-ups
Rest exactly 2 minutes
(Start each round on the 5 minute mark with a continuously running clock)

Rx = 50/35kg barbell

*Post number of total push up reps, loading and scaling*
**If using KB see workout notes for modification/warm-up ideas**

Intended Stimulus
Yes, more push-ups, more Murph prep, more hard work, more fun. The idea today is to choose a weight for the deadlifts and hang squat cleans that will be heavy enough to take up 2 minutes of each round…that means that you will have around ONE minute to crank out as many army combat fitness test push-ups you can. A word of caution – we have five rounds to get through, stay as consistent as you can. Break those push-ups up before you are trembling and can’t push one inch from the ground. Be smart and push!

General Warm Up
Let’s start out with a minute of reaching up and down towards the floor, starting of the hinge prep. Then walk out into a plank position, work through 15 plank to down dogs, peddling out the feet or reaching one leg towards the ceiling during these down dogs. Step your right foot forward, in lizard lunge: plant the left hand in the ground, as you reach up with the right arm and then draw your right elbow toward your right ankle – move through 15 on each side. Find your handy dandy PVC pipe and get in some pass throughs and good mornings. Lastly, get in 10 air squats.

Specific Warm Up
With an empty barbell or light weights, please do 10 deadlifts…then 5 more with a strong shrug at the top – keeping elbows long. Now, 10 front squats to prepare to catch that barbell in the bottom of the squat in our cleans – focus on full depth, driving knees out, ripping the floor apart with your feet. Move through 10 hang power cleans, then 10 hang squat cleans. Let’s set our weight aside for a bit. Come to the floor for 5 regular push-ups, take this time to remember to squeeze the glutes, the quads the core, elbows stay close to the torso. No snaking! Shake the arms out, get in some right over left, left over right. Back to plank for 10 army combat fitness test push-ups – you want to be able to do 10 of whatever scaling you choose, even though you might not do 10 consecutively during the workout (training, on a box, knees). Push back into a down dog. Now time to bump up the weight, 2 more sets to bump up weight: get in a coupe of deadlifts and cleans each increase in load.

Workout Notes
If you are in between a lighter or heavier weight, choose heavier today… we want around one minute for push-ups, not two. Bring that chest to the ground with control on the push-ups, avoid flopping onto the ground and disengaging. Take many QUICK breaks on the ACFTPU, rather than moving to failure on the first round. Find a doable number of reps that you can move through. Be mindful that your spine stays rigid and neutral in those deadlifts, you are going to want to move fast – don’t sacrifice how you put or pick up that weight. If you have to put down that barbell – it’s okay, just make it quick like the push-ups. Fight for that depth in the squats, think about driving up as soon as you make it to the bottom of that perfect squat :).
** If you are using KB today: 15 Sumo deadlift high pulls and 10 USA swings, might suit you better today, to achieve the same stimulus. All you might want to add in the warm-up is widening your stance in our deadlift warm-up and adding the pull. Remember, elbows extend before hinging forward to place KB down. Additionally, get in some Russian and then American swings. Keep those swings explosive – they are supposed to be challenging!

To cool down, let’s sit on the floor with legs extending in front of you – reach as far forward as you can. Let your head hang heavy – perfect spot to catch your breath. Roll up slowly, place your hands by your sides to prop you up, bend you right knee so that the sole of your right foot is on the ground, and then cross your left ankle on to your right thigh. Seated figure four stretch – hold for 2 minutes and then switch. Finish with a child’s pose and chill here for a long time!

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