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Monday 200511 Time Trials

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am recorded session… do it?

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Session

6 Round Time Trial: 2 minutes max distance each bout
Pick the monostructural mode of your choice, mix-n-match is OK!
Go 2 minutes max distance
Rest for 3 minutes, repeat.
Use one movement or a maximum of 2. Choose from run, row, bike, ski, swim, jump rope, etc. Obviously some of the domains work for your current environment and others don’t. Keep reading/watch the preview video for more information. Don’t skip this one… REALLY try to join a group to get it done WELL!

*In class, we will set a clock and GO on the five minute mark… giving us exactly 3 minutes of rest following each bout. Once the clock starts, we will get in 12 minutes of work and 15 minutes of rest. The “clock time” lasts only 27 minutes.

Intended Stimulus
Going hard for 2 minutes is TOUGH! Blurring the line between aerobic and anaerobic activity, this short duration and high intensity is tough to maintain. It is even tougher on your own. Join the group! Since the distance is NOT given today, those with a machine will be able to more easily calculate their total distance. See Notes for strategies to make this easier for you. This is intended to be at a very fast pace- and yet one that can be continued for 4-5 bouts. Three minutes is not a lot of rest time- so don’t go at all out pace. Go at about 80-85% pace for the first round and then try to hold or even exceed that by just a bit in the next rounds. By the final 2-3, you will likely be just hanging on. The goal is 5 or 6 of these at a max distance. This is a volume set of work at high intensity. Today the goal is not to get further each round, but to go FAR on each and every round. You will get enough warm up in the early 12-15 minutes of the class so that you can be ready to go hard by the beginning of round 1.

General Warm Up
Before arriving to the group ZOOM session- get in an easy 2 minute monostructural warm up on your usual 400m course or the machine you have at your house. If you are running… using your usual 400m course- or maybe even your 800m course would be a good idea… this way you won’t have to check your gps/phone/watch as many times to determine when the 2 minutes is “up.” After getting in your first 2 minutes, we will get together and do some general jumping, swinging, burpeeing, and any other heart rate warm up activities. I don’t want to all monostructural warm up… for many people, in fact, this can simply lead to overdoing a “good thing.” For example- some people who are runners tend to do nothing much but running. As a runner- “cross training” your warm up is the LEAST you should do to help your overall fitness AND your running!

Specific Warm Up
Here is where we will get in to the exact type of movement prep you will do for your workout. Here, I will focus on running- though in the class I will give specifics to those rowing, biking and skiing. For runners, we will do some sets of high knees, butt kickers and some hip and lower leg running prep drills. Then we will do about 3 “surges”… starting off with butt kickers in place, then a lean forward into a run that progresses in speed to just shy of a sprint. As you get in a few of these, the pace for the eventual “surge” will be that of the pace you will run your first round!

Workout Notes
If you are running, biking, swimming you will need a gps (phone) and an app like Strava or Map My Run (which I use and it works fine). You hit the START button and GO for 2 minutes. Choose the modality you like… OR perhaps the one you need to most work on! You can mix a maximum of 2 movements- most of you will be limited by now having a machine/erg. I will most likely SKI this one, since I am broadcasting from the Hut and that way I can keep coaching the session AND stay in front of the camera. Seriously… for SOME OF US… only 4 rounds could be “enough!” Let nausea lead the way. Any “twinges” in the hip flexor, hamstring, and/or calf… and you are DONE with the workout. Seriously. You did too much too soon… should have warmed up more and not gone quite so hard. Rest up.

Whatever you did for your movement- do something ELSE for a cool down. If you rowed- walk/jog, if you walk/jogged, get in some simon shuffle in place… Then we will do some lower leg lacrosse ball action to work on the calves and achilles tendons (particularly for those of you who ran today!)

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