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Tempo DB front squats
7-7-7, each rep at 5 seconds down, 5 second hold, up fast
Post load
Five rounds for time of:
10 DB renegade rows (50/35 #)
12 toes to bar
Post time and load

Intended stimulus
A two-parter for today. Part one will be a grind of strength; part two will be quicker, though not quite an all-out sprint. You will probably feel the tempo DB front squats from rep one, as in they will be hard and will tire you out. Not to worry— just 21 SLOW reps. Like I said, part two will be fast, but not a sprint. Rests should be very short and intensity should be high.

General Warm Up
Get in some leg swings, some arm swings, and some Simon shuffle. After, go for some long legged bear crawls, some inchworms, and some dynamic lizard lunges. Spend time at the bottom of your squat, shifting weight from left to right. Place both hands on the ground, lean a bit forward, and feel your hips open up. Send your feet back and push into downward dog and peddle your feet out. Lay down and go for 10 scorpions. Now roll onto your back and get in 10 long leg sit ups. If you have a bar, hang and then go for 10 scapular pulls. If you don’t have anything to hang from, hang out in Childs pose.

Specific Warm up
Practice cleaning your DBs up to the front rack with 5 deadlifts and then some hang power cleans. Big hip drive to get the weight up to your shoulders. Bring your elbows high, stand nice and tall. If you have a range of DBs, get in some SLOW squats with your different weights as you work up to a heavy weight. Back to your bar for some hanging and kip swings. Pay attention to the strong push down on the bar. Start to bring your knees higher and higher. Drop down to the ground, find your lighter DBs and move into some renegade rows. For these rows, find a plank position with feet as wide as your shoulders. You will row your DBs (left, and then right) all the way to the ribcage. Use a strong trunk twist to ensure POWER as opposed to a weak tug on the DB. FYI— the renegade row is: left arm DB row, right arm DB row, push up.

Workout Notes
Part one is only squats. Try to go every 2-3 minutes. A set of 7 squats should take just over a minute— at minimum. Aim for 5 seconds controlled on the way down and 5 seconds of total stability at the bottom, before launching up to the top. This part will take somewhere close to 15 minutes. For part two, you should use DBs that allow you to move at a solid pace, with maybe one break per 10 renegade rows. As for the TTB, scalings would be: knees to elbow, knees to armpit, toes to waist, knees to chest, … you get the point. If you don’t have a bar, go for dragon flag sit ups today— work on CONTROLLING your legs on the way down.

Grab your roller and take your lats into the battle of foam roller. Do the same for your glutes and your quads.

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