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Friday 200508 TGU and KB

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am Recorded class, take it NOW!

Max reps Turkish Get Ups in 5 minutes (AHAP)
Unbroken USA KB swings- stop at maximum of 75
Relax a few minutes, then:
Max reps TGU in 4 minutes (AHAP)
Unbroken USA KB swings- stop at maximum of 60
Relax a few minutes, then:
Max reps TGU in 3 minutes (AHAP)
Unbroken USA KB swings- stop at a maximum of 45
Post number of TGUs and KBs in EACH round

Ex: 11@50#/72@24kg. 7@50#/60@24kg. 5@50#/29@24kg

Intended Stimulus
This is our 4th WOD with TGUs during quarantine- a great dual strength, stamina, and mobility builder that can be done with a variety of different pieces of equipment. Perhaps try a rep or 2 with something novel today! These are done for max load and max reps. If you can do it once- then try it again and again. Though the idea is to try and stay moving for the entire 5 minute (4 min, 3 min) durations. In short- it is training day for TGUs. The KB swings, however, are programmed to test you. They are here today to test your stamina and mental fortitude. CAN YOU COMPLETE the 75, 60, 45 reps unbroken? Big chunks… and if you fall short you are NOT allowed to continue for that round. That is today’s rule! If you break- you are DONE with that round.

General Warm Up
Windmills, PVC pass throughs and around the worlds. Some pull up bar hanging followed by pull ups OR ring rows. We will do some glute brides to warm up the hams and glutes- and workout some soreness that might be there as a result of yesterday’s lunges.

Specific Warm Up
TGUs in pieces. We will go for ground to standing and back to the ground in paused segments- stopping in each of the positions of stability. Also will take a few sets at lighter loads and then work up to something a bit heavier. **FInd something novel to take thru the movement: a barbell, a rock, a human. TRY IT!*** One single set done at the workout load- so that you can stay at that load for the entire WOD. We will do some KB progressions: RDLs, “hikes,” Russian swings and then finally full vertical swings. We will test out what YOU should do during the WOD.

Workout Notes
TGUs- find working load before you start the clock- stay moving! Each minute you should be able to get in 2 reps. Shoot for that in each of the 3 rounds. The goal is 24 total reps (12 on each side)- a few more is fine, but MUCH more only means you should have gone heavier. KB swings- be mentally strong. Either associate with the physical discomfort or try to take yourself on a vacation in your mind. Regardless of your method- shoot for unbroken sets!
Your choice to go USA or USSR. If you havent got a change of unbroken with USA_ then go USSR + a few more inches! The wod is NOT for time- take a few minutes after the KB set before starting the clock on your next TGU set.

Get in some restful positions for the lower back- knees to chest and pigeon feel good after swings. LIzard lunges-2 minute per side and also some upper back and traps on the foam roller/lax ball.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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