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Thursday 200507 AMRAP plus Gymnastics

CrossFit Malibu, 9am Virtually- ZOOM Class Session

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Class Session

10 minutes AMRAP of:
8 Burpees
14 Ab-mat Sit-ups
20 walking lunges (35/20# DB in goblet squat position)
Post number of rounds and scaling
Handstand and Scales Practice

Intended Stimulus
Time for another AMRAP. yes, we just did 5-3 minutes ones on Monday, so today you only get to do one – wooo! 10 minutes of constant movement, once you finish burpees, you lay right down and crack through the sit-ups, then you spring back up, pick your weight up from the ground (of course, with a rigid and neutral spine) and lunge all around your house. Aim for finishing each round in about a minute in a half or less – if you need to scale down the volume of reps to meet that, please do. Stick around for after the WOD and get in some gymnastics practice – handstand drills and scale work, remember we dedicated a month to each of these at the Hut!

General Warm Up
Just like at the Hut, we will spend about 2 minutes getting warmed up by running/rowing/jumping. Then lay down, bring your right knee to your chest and extend that leg as you twist, move through 15 more of these iron cross/supine twists. Reach for your ab-mat and get in 10 straight legged sit-ups. Then flip on over to your stomach and get in 10 scorpions and then 10 down dog push-ups, peddle out your feet in down dog. Come to standing, find a wall and get in some leg swings and swipes, loosening up the hips. Then, reach your arms overhead, bend over to the right and left, then touch your toes and jump back into a plank, repeat that about 5-7 more times. Come back to down dog, push into the ground with your palms and get in 5 kick-ups on each leg.

Specific Warm Up
Let’s move through 10 burpees (thankful you will only have to do 8 at a time 😉 during the WOD). Step forward into a lunge and reach your arms above your head, getting in 15 lunges like this (as if you were doing this across the floor at the Hut). Pick up a dumbbell and get in 10 Romanian deadlifts, 10 regular deadlifts and then 10 goblet squats. Keeping that same goblet squat grip with the dumbbell (or whatever you have) get in 10 walking lunges. Come back to your ab-mat and get 5 more straight legged sit-ups and then 10 ab-mat sit-ups, legs in butterfly style. Stand back up, for 5 more burpees and then bump up your weight and move through 10 more lunges! You are ready!

Workout Notes
The movements are simple and you “only” have 10 minutes to move through as many rounds as you can… this is not a time to lose midline stability, throw mechanics out the window and rush to get 20 rounds. This is a time to remember that simple movements still require core activation and control of the breathe. Aim to get 1 round per 1-1:30 seconds, pace yourself. You wouldn’t want you first 3 rounds to be done in 2 minutes and then the last 8 minutes you are struggling to finish 2 more rounds… unlikely, but still, you have been warned! Scale volume as you need, hold that weight up with a strong torso, don’t let the chest fall as you lunge. After our 10 minutes, we will get in 2 minutes of handstand practice, some scales and then back to handstands. If you don’t get the chance to do/watch the zoom class – move through 10 front and back scales (torso upright, point the toes, keep the leg in the air straight, and hips squared) and 4 rounds of handstand practice (holding as long as you can, or minute at a time). Hold down dog, use a box or a wall to help you sharpen your handstand skills!

Let’s finish with a couch stretch – 2 minutes each leg!
Then, watch Jordan’s hip mobility video – whenever your day permits you to! Just look up CrossFit Malibu on YouTube 🙂

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