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Wednesday 200506 Four Rounder

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4 Rounds For Time:
45 Double Unders
30 Wallball Shots (20/14#)
15 Weighted Step-ups (50/35#, 20″)

Intended Stimulus
Today we tackle a four round triplet that should land right in that ‘medium’ time domain–you know, the one that isn’t a sprint, but often tricks us into sprinting on the first round. So, stay nice and relaxed in the double unders, not trying to rush the wrist flicks or shorten your jump, but rather, jump high and be smooth with the spins. Then, let’s make a plan for the wallball shots. That is where you can redline yourself too early by taking too much at a time. Save that for round 4! Remember, in a workout like this we are trying to maintain a high intensity by choosing the right pace, so try to have rounds that all take roughly the same amount of time, and then if you can, dial up the pace towards the end of round 3!
General Warm Up
Today we start with a minute of simon shuffle. We will then move into a simple 3 rounds of 10 pausing air squats, 5 push-ups (yesterday was tough!), and 5 broad jumps. Grab your jump rope for 50 singles.Specific Warm Up
Step on your box 10 times. Make sure it is nice and sturdy! 20 inches is prescribed for everyone today. Then go back to the jump rope for 25 double unders (scale to 50 singles, or 25 penguin double tap jumps). Practice staying relaxed in the shoulders and jumping tall, keeping the elbows tight to the sides and just slightly pulled back. On to the MB for the MB clean progression, 5 reps at each phase. Next, with your DB or KB, step on your box 10 times. Drive through the heel and stand tall. Back to the wall ball for a set of 10 WB Shots. You are ready to roll!Workout Notes
Scaling options for the double unders include: 90 Singles, 45 Double Tap Penguin Jumps, or 45 curb jumps. Like I mentioned before, try not to get going too fast in round #1, especially on the wallball shots. make a plan and stick to it! I will likely choose 3 sets of 10. Lastly, the step overs really cannot be rushed, just do them. And don’t stop until you’ve done 15!
We will finish with 1 min each side with our propped up low back modified pigeon and then 1-2 minutes of propped happy baby. We’ll then use the foam roller to roll out glutes, and mid back. Have Fun!

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