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Tuesday 200505 Push Up 800m Run

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For Time Complete:
40 Push-ups
800m Run
30 Push-ups
800m Run
20 Push-ups
800m Run
10 Push-ups

Intended Stimulus
Today we have a couplet of push-ups and running. Pretty simple. The run distance doesn’t change, but the push-ups will decrease by 10 reps each set, hopefully keeping you from needing to take long rest breaks. Memorial day is right around the corner and today gives us another opportunity to get in some push-up volume! These 800m runs are there to challenge you to make yourself uncomfortable when it comes to your pacing. In other words, they ARE a break from doing push-ups, but they ARE NOT rest!

General Warm Up
Let’s start by getting in an 800m jog. Many of us already have this course mapped out, but if not use a smart watch OR jog for 2 minutes out, make that your turnaround, and then come back. Go for 10 slow and controlled air squats. Then lay on your stomach for 10 slow scorpions, reaching that heel up to the sky and then across the body as close to the opposite hand as possible. Spend some time in that position. Not only is it a great spinal twist, but it will start to get the chest prepped for all our push-ups! Speaking of those… get a set of 10 push-up down dogs. Grab a DB or KB and get in a set of 10 RDLs and then 10 goblet squats.

Specific Warm Up
Go out for a 200m run and mix in some side shuffle, high knees, butt kickers, and do some skipping. When you return, do 5-10 amazingly strict push-ups. Take a short rest and then 3…2…1…GO!

Workout Notes
Consider how you break up your push-ups for “Murph” (the Memorial Day WOD alluded to above). Do you go for sets of 20? 10? 5? Today try to break up your push-ups in a similar way. I know that today you won’t have pull-ups and air squats to give you natural rest breaks from more push-ups, but having a strategy always works better than doing a max rep set of push-ups to begin a workout, and then finding out that it is really hard to eek out good strict push-ups after you’ve bitten off more than you can chew! These can be scaled to training push-ups or knee push-ups, and if needed you can scale further by reducing the volume a bit to something like 35-25-15-5 reps. Regardless of scaling, these need to be strict and done at a full range of motion–chest to the ground and back to full lockout of the elbows. Check your split times on each 800m run so you have something to shoot for when you’re fighting the urge to just jog it in.

Finish with some chest mobility…sinking into a standing or kneeling childs pose and holding it for a minute. Then, go back to the ground for 10 slow scorpions. Consider massaging the calves for 5 minutes or so after the session is over.

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