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Monday 200504 DB Chief Complex

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am Recorded Class Session

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Class Session

Five sets, each a 3 minute AMRAP of:
5 DB deadlifts (50/35#)
5 DB hang power clean
5 push jerk/press
5 front squats
After each 3 minute AMRAP, rest exactly 1 minute

Intended Stimulus
Over the last few weeks we have done the DB strength complex (April 6th) and also a workout with the same template of the Chief (March 28th). Today we blend the 2 WODs and go through the DB complex with a time limit and an added conditioning focus of doing maximum repetitions. Take a look back- particularly at April 6th- to see the load you used. Now, think about this: If you can get a round every minute, it would go like doing 3/5 of the DB strength complex in a SINGLE set! Hopefully you go a bit heavier and it takes you at least that long to do a round. Then again- you might be limited with equipment and therefore go through as many as 20 rounds of this thing. That would mean today is geared more towards conditioning and stamina than strength… so it shall be. Please, if you CAN get through a round unbroken with a heavy load- then USE THAT LOAD- even if it tough!

General Warm Up
Back to basics: CrossFit Warm up… get two rounds of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats and 15 Samson Stretch lunges. (sub DB bent over row if you don’t have a pull up spot). Then we will work some additional preparation for today’s specific movements: RDLs for the deadlifts, glute bridges for hamstrings, PVC pass throughs and then hanging, and finally some lizard lunges.

Specific Warm Up
Here is where we can out some light DBs, or other weights, and go through each of the 4 WOD movements, complex-style. This means we do a few reps of one movement and simply flow into another. Going light, we can move into many positions without any concern that load is a limitation. Gradually we get heavier and focus more specifically on onky the movements in today’s session.

Workout Notes
As stated above- look back at your April 6th results. Find the heaviest load used. Can you get through a round of 20 reps in less than a minute? Then you can do the wod with this load. If you c an handle MORE in a minute- then bump it UP! That would give you 75 reps of each movement for the entire wod, which is very manageable. LImited equipment… you can use a single KB for this- hopefully it is heavy. Deadlifts, a power clean from the ground (resembling a SDLHP), single arm push press/jerks, then a goblet front squat. If all you have is a med ball- the adjustment is the same as if all you have is a KB- but you will likely do some push press launching to sub for the presses- get the ball to go up as high as possible on each rep! If the DB you are are not heavy- consider adding 2-3 reps per movement to keep your number of rounds a bit lower. This can certainly be done with a barbell at the same loading overall.

I think a 400m run would be good for the brain AND body following this very “locked in one place” WOD… so run out 200m, and then run back using some lateral shuffles, skipping, bounding and carioca steps- as this WOD was very linear as well. Complete this with some front and back scales… then some hanging from a pull up bar.

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