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Friday 200501 Snatch and Box Jump E2M

CrossFit Malibu recorded session from 9am this morning

Every 2 minutes for 10 sets complete:
3 hang power snatch
5 box jumps
-heavy and high!
Post number of sets and heaviest and highest

Intended stimulus
The sentence above explains enough: heavy and high… and the movements are redundant. Both are powerful expressions of hip extension. Both “appear” as jumps. For the snatch- you are “jumping” a heavy object overhead. For the box- you are jumping UP on top of it! As simple as that. Through the warm up and maybe the first few rounds- increase loading gradually. Get heavy and then high… and keep it up for as many rounds of the 10 that “count” as you can.

General Warm Up
Go out on an 800m run or 4 minute row or bike. Get the heart rate up and you will then be ready to join the class session.We are going to move RIGHT into PVC snatch tech work … good for general warm up of the joints and muscles… and for nervous system prep. Deadlift positioning, the “first pull” movement from the ground, and then a series called the Burgener Warm Up, followed by some hang power snatch practice. We will also get some standing broad jumps and box jumps. If you do not have a barbell- use a single DB to move through hang power snatch. You can also try 2 DB to snatch from the hang.

Specific Warm Up
We will use an empty barbell to hang power snatch. Many sets, for 3 reps at a time. Increase loading as movement is smooth and fast. Between some sets, get in some box jumps. As you get warm and primed- increase height on the box. If you can’t increase in load for lack of equipment- do not necessarily just double the reps- that can lead to pointless fatigue and overuse. You CAN hold positions for small periods before moving into next steps. You can pause in the hang before the “second pull” or you can pause with the bar locked out overhead.

Workout Notes
Increase loading when you are moving well- smooth and fast. When the hip drive is “on” and the footwork is good… when you are pulling right on time- and NOT before the hip extension is completed. You can get in broad jumps and SOME depth jumps if you can’t increase your box height (good time to ask you not to do anything risky or WIERD just to get a higher platform to jump to!). If you can’t increase loading- DON”T get in hundreds of reps… but DO work for moving the load that you have FASTER!

In the final 20 minutes of the group session at 9am we will do 15-20 minutes of mobility work- so bring your roller and lacrosse ball!

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