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Thursday 200430 Two Rounds

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2 rounds for time of:
50 alt. jumping lunges
20 dips
2 min plank*
50 air squats
20 handstand marches ((inverted should taps))
2 min hang*

*if you come off the bar/come down from plank, mark a point…at the end of the WOD you will tally up the breaks you took

Post time, scaling and number of breaks taken

Intended Stimulus
Two rounds for time….no biggie! Yes, no big deal – you have already conquered so much this week, so why not move through jumping lunges and handstand marches? Those jumping lunges and marches are a bit more complex then just shoulder taps or walking lunges – just here adding some flavor to your Thursday. But, on a real note, they are slightly more unusual for a reason – the jumps add more a heart rate spike and test your balance and the handstand i gets you inverted and practicing shifting your weight with control. All good skills to work on! These more complex movements are juxtaposed with air squats and dips – timeless gymnastic movements. The volume is no joke here, so have a plan to break up the dips or jumping lunges. The break today is your hang and plank, a static push and pull, with as little breaks as possible during those 2 minutes!

General Warm Up
Let’s start by grabbing our makeshift PVC pipes and getting in a couple pass throughs, rotations and around the worlds. With your PVC on your back rack get in 10 good mornings and 15 step lunges. Drop your broom/curtain rod and step back into a lizard lunge, move from right to left leg about times, getting in some movement in the hips (circles or shifting back and forth) on each side. Come to a downward dog and go for 10 push-ups right here – tough, I know…push that chest through! Shift into plank, hold for 30 seconds, move into side plank on the right and then left for 30 seconds each. If you have a place to hang – DO that now… If, not drop into a child’s pose, reach as far forward as you can – then walk your hands over to the right and left side – don’t rush this part : )

Specific Warm Up
Press back into a downward dog and start get in some “kick ups”… now, freeze in down dog, keeping your hips nice and high above your shoulders, lift your right hand off the ground and tap your left shoulder – perfect, now keep switching for 10 more reps (try to control the sway of your hips from side to side). We can take this up a notch, step up on to a box or chair and do the same thing. Now, let’s jump back into 10 air squats, finding full depth every single time. Then, find your lunge position, back knee taps the group, use your arms to spring up and switch legs in the air…stick the landing, with elegance and poise! 10 more jumping lunges. Now, find your dipping station – two chairs, rings, etc – get in 5-7 dips. Lastly, if you want to kick up against the wall and try for handstand marches – go for it! If not, stick with the box or down dog scaling you found previously.

Workout Notes
Note about scaling for handstand marches – you are more than welcome to kick up against the wall, if you start with your hands on the ground, kick up with control and can manage around 5 taps.That goes for any other variations, you want to make sure you can do 5 reps wherever you are. The dip scaling should work in the same way, 5-7 reps is your goal. If you need to make them a bit more challenging place your feet on top of another chair or box. The planks and hangs are intended to be your rest, yes, a bit challenging, but they are a place for you to control your breathing – take long inhales and exhales. If you tale a break, it’s okay! Just make it quick and mark it down as a break!

Lay on your back and move through some slow twists, taking 5-10 seconds on each side. Come to a low lunge, with your back knee on the ground… inhale as you hold this lunge and exhale and you shift your weight back and straighten that front leg (hamstring stretch or half split) – do that 10 times, breathe to movement, and repeat on the other leg!

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