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Tuesday 200428 AMRAP Triplet

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 9am ZOOM Class Session
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As many rounds as possible in 20 min of:
200m Run
20 Single Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerks (50/35#)
20 Strict Sit-ups
Post total completed rounds and reps and any scaling
Intended Stimulus
Today we have another WOD on the longer end of the time domain spectrum, but this go around it is a time priority, meaning we give you a set amount of time and you get as much work done as possible. The goal will be to find a pace on the runs that is SUSTAINABLE. You’ll also want to have a plan before the workout starts on how you will break up/switch arms on the DB hang clean and jerks. Racing through the first round or two will not help you today! It is going to be all about that sustained power output across all 20 minutes.
General Warm-up
Go for a 200m run. Remember from last week that it takes roughly 1 min, so 30 seconds out, marking the turnaround, and then running back will get you in the ballpark of 200m. Now let’s work through 3 rounds of 10 air squats and 5 push-ups. Drop down into our dynamic lizard lunge to further relieve some of the soreness caused by yesterday’s wallball shots. 1 minute on each side. Rollover for 10 long leg sit-ups and then 10 strict sit-ups. Lastly, get in a set of 10 good mornings and then 10 more with a wide stance before going on another 200m jog.
Specific Warm-up
Grab a single DB and work through 10 Deadlifts, 10 Goblet Squats, and then 5/5 Push Press. Next, do 5 hang poser cleans on each arm. Practice driving the DB up using the hips BEFORE pulling with the elbow. Remember to drop under each rep. That is going to help you cycle when we add in the press/jerk. Set down the DB and get in 5-10 strict sit-ups depending on how difficult they feel for you. Back to the DB for a set of 10 Hang Clean and Jerks, 5 on each side. Here is where we practice dropping under the weight on the catch position so we can go right overhead with the jerk. Go heavier for another 5/5 DB hang clean and jerks.
Workout Notes
Today you should not use the runs as recovery time. Run at a pace that is slightly uncomfortable, but now a sprint. You can break up the single arm hang clean and jerks however you want. Make a plan that allows you to get through all 20 reps without any long rests. These can be done with a KB, just remember to receive the KB clean in the front rack, not high on the shoulder. Find a steady pace for those strict sit-ups. No abmat? Use a rolled up towel. You will really want something under the low back. If rounds of 20 strict sit-ups feels daunting, like you’ll be resting after every 7-10 reps, consider doing regular abmat sit-ups. Check the time after your first round and make pacing adjustments if necessary. Remember, when those strict sit-ups start to get tough… keep them strict! No karate chopping or kipping elbows!
That was a long one! Let’s finish with pigeon or modified pigeon for 90 sec on each side. Then some low back decompression with a propped up happy or a long child’s pose.

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