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Monday 200427 Mix It Up

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CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- 4pm ZOOM Class Session

For time, complete in any order:
200 double unders
150 wall ball shots
100 push ups
Post time and process

Intended Stimulus
Tax the brain and the body to get this one done in entirely as fast as possible. Strategize around any of this to complete it fast. The purpose is to get all work done trying not to burn out any single movement in the process. You can determine a pattern and then abandon it/improve as desired. You can also alter the order of events in any way your heart desires. Assuming that cold dead heart of yours is capable of desire. It is true that “Karen” is dropped right in the middle of this one… it is also true that

General Warm Up
Let’s get the heart pumping and warm with some simon shuffle… then break out your jump rope for a string of 100 single unders. Now go for a 500m row or 400m run. Meet you back here in downward dog. After a hamstring/calf stretch we will get in some squats and down dog push ups.

Specific Warm Up
Going through the med ball clean progression makes for a good way to warm up squats and get in some skill work- as well as prep for wall ball shots. Figuring out the scaling for many on this will help us work on the mechanics of the push up AND warm it up well. We will do some eccentric loaded tempo push ups. Finally some double under drills will finish up the practice session for the workout.

Workout Notes
Focus on how to finish the entire workload as fast as possible. Don’t try to go too much unbroken today- instead, figure out the best way to not get bogged down on any single movement. You can make a plan and modify as needed or just feel it out. DO make sure that you are keeping careful track of the reps, though! In all movements today- choose your breaks before they choose you. Avoid the PUMP out that may come with push ups. You can modify to thrusters if you don’t have a med ball. Penguin jumps OR jumping non-stop to a small step will achieve a similar muscular endurance stimulus as the jump rope. You could get in 300 single unders.

Couch stretch for the quads and some lower leg and foot massage work will both be good cool down activities today.

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