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Overhead? Yes!
Every 3 minutes, for 6 rounds, complete:
10 single-arm dumbbell thrusters
50 m single-arm overhead DB carry
10 alternating DB snatch
Rest until the next three minute block
Rx= 50/35 # DB

Intended stimulus
How do you feel about your overhead stability? It’ll be really important today. This weight should feel heavy, but definitely doable. 5 thrusters on the right and then left shouldn’t bog you down; 25 meters overhead on the right should feel stable, 25 meters overhead on the left should also feel stable. And then those snatches. You could go slow on those, but that’s NOT what we want. Go quick, get the heart rate up, and then slow your breath for the next minute or so.

General Warm Up
Widen your stance and start with some windmills. Focus on an ACTIVE shoulder position here, almost like there’s a heavy weight in your hand. Keep the back long as you fold to the side. After 10 on each side, let your arms come down to the ground while you hinge forward and your head hangs heavy. Walk over to the right and to the left for the next minute. Now, head outside and take 25 long strides in one direction. That’s where you’ll walk to and back from during the WOD. Go for some lizard lunges along your 25 m course. Keep driving your hips forward and down. Now, get in some bear crawls along your course. Keep your legs long and your arms strong. After 25 meters of bear crawl, go for inch worms along the course (make sure to get those push ups).

Specific Warm up
Find a moderately heavy dumbbell and get in 5 deadlifts, 5 hand power cleans, 5 front squats, and 5 push presses on the right side. And now the same on the left. Notice how stable you feel at the top of that press. With your DB, go for 10 ground-to-overheads. On your last GTO, lock down your rib cage and take a few steps. Not too bad, right? Take a few more. Control your breath and KEEP PRESSING. Set your DB down with a rigid spine. Get that DB back up to your shoulder and get in a set of 3 or 4 single-arm thrusters. Switch sides and do the same. Grab a heavier dumbbell and feel out some thrusters, some carry, and some snatches.

Workout Notes
This is intended to be a heavy push for one-and-a-half to two minutes. And then time to catch your breath before the next heavy push. Your midline stability and overhead stability are CRITICAL. If overhead is not in the cards for today, your thrusters become front squats, your overhead carry becomes a front rack carry, and your snatches become cleans. The thrusters are like a good warm up each round. Keep moving— lock out overhead, and drop down ALL the way every rep. Stay stable on the carry. If your elbow starts to bend, set the weight down and take a quick rest. Keep your ribcage locked down. Make sure you PUSH hard on the 10 snatches! Fight to get them done quickly and efficiently. Then, you get to visit with everyone as you breath deeply.

Find the couch for a few sweaty minutes in COUCH STRETCH. If you have a foam roller and/or a lacrosse ball, take it up to the shoulders, the neck, the chest. Spend some time enhancing your mobility! You could even go watch one of the 20 minute mobility sessions on our Youtube page.

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