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Friday 200424 Three Rounder

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Three rounds for time of:
21 box jumps (24/20″)
15 push press (50/35kg)
9 Turkish get ups (50/35# KB or DB)
-alternate TGU as desired
Post time, loads, and scaling

Intended Stimulus
To hit a fast and consistent pace on the box jumps, use a load to get first round of push press unbroken (regardless of what happens in next rounds), and then to maintain positioning on the TGUs. Don’t push the pace on the get ups- instead, keep calm, find your relaxed breathing, and move with a focus on keeping a solid core. Use a loading that forces your attention rather than enables a fast pace. What you use in kg for the presses is likely a good loading in pounds for the TGU. If it is too light, then Rx plus is fine- as long as you abide by this stimulus plan (ouch- that was too soon:)

General Warm Up
A very wide variety of movements this week… let’s return to some of them for the warm up: 10 air squats, 10 step lunges, 10 up downs, 5 back burpees, and 5 iron crosses followed by 5 scorpions as longs you are down on the ground already. Pick up a light KB or DB and get in 15 deadlifts, 10 swings, 10 goblet squats. Then a quick baseline reminder/haunting: 10 SDLHP with that same KB/DB, 10 jumping air squats, 10 v ups and 10 down dog push ups… finally 5 bent over rows on each side. To cap this off- go for some windmills.

Specific Warm up
We move right into an unweighted TGU on each side. Last week we did some precision work on each position.. you remember?! Add a load and go for one more on each side- take a look at how much time this needs… and determine the load you will use to get in unbroken movement for 9 reps. Let’s move to empty barbell for some complex warm up- deadlifts, power cleans and then some strict press followed by push press. We will use a maximum of 3 more sets to find the workout load today. Then finally we get in some broad jumps followed by box step ups and then jumps. You should be able to get in a jump and a step down that is consistent- with very little breaking of movement.

Workout Notes
Your box height should absolutely be a ZERO factor today- you should be mentally at ease to get these in without a break. The recommendation is a fast step down. The push presses should go in a single set on the first round. You are asked to use the same load that you used on Monday… OR a bit heavier. Watch the torso position- keep that chest up in the dip! TGUs need to be in total control. Sure they will be taxing and you will enter into them quite winded from the jumps and presses… but despite the loading on the TGU- you should resolve to slow your breathing down. Be in complete control of your mental and physical capacity during these 9 reps/round.

We will begin by hanging from a pull up bar… or getting in a child’s pose stretch of the lats. We will come back to this hang a few times, mainly to oppose all the presses today. Prop up the hips on a roller or a rolled towel to get a knees to chest and then some happy baby. Complete the cool down with a series of spinal twist and some holds.

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