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Thursday 200423 Double Reverse Baseline +

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Complete for time:
500 m row/50 Sumo deadlift high pulls
40 jumping squats
30 v-ups
20 down dog push-ups
10 pull-ups/bent over rows
10 pull-ups/bent over rows
20 down dog push-ups
30 v-ups
40 jumping squats
500 m row/50 SDLHP

*** = write down your time up to here and then keep going!
Rx: SDLHP = 24/20kg barbell or KB
Bent over row = 50kg barbell/50# DBs

Post time of first half (50,40,30,20,10), total time, load & scaling

Intended Stimulus:
Baseline…at home! How many times have you gone through this…and loved it every time? Well, today is no different, except it’s the CrossFit Malibu, Virtually version. You are going to go through the usual 50, 4o…,10, take a breathe, write your time down and then…make your way back up the ladder, so keep that time running. The point of taking the time down at the half way point is to keep you accountable to push through the second part with as much gusto as the first, or faster!

General Warm-up:
If you have a rower, go for an easy for 2 minutes and if you don’t, go for 15 slow burpees: that means step up into a lizard lunge and then standing and going for a back bend, rather than a jump. Now, stand in really a wide stance, shift your weight over to the right and you bend that right knee for a side lunge, repeat to the left side, getting deeper each rep for about a minute. Take another minute to bear walk around your living room. When you come back, move from downward dog to plank, for about 15 reps – really press into the ground and drive your chest through your shoulders. Lay down on your belly and get 10 super mans and flip on over and get 10 hollow-rocks – you should feel that core on! Lastly, 10 air squats, shaking out any soreness from yesterday 🙂

Specific Warm-up:
Turn those air squats into 10 jumping squats – aim for full depth as you drive your hips back, then shoot up and stick the landing softly back into that perfect squat. Pick up what you will SDLHP: first, 10 deadlifts, then 10 SDLHP. Exchange that kettlebell or barbell and grab what you will use for the bent over rows and for 10 rows. If you have a pull-up bar, get in some kips and then a couple of pull-ups. Come into downward dog, press your chest through your shoulders and then move into plank and push up – chest all the way to the ground, no snaking! Last down on the floor, with arms extended over head and toes pointed.. now squeeze and reach your hands to your toes, bring your chest up tall.

Workout Notes:
After your first set over 10 pull-ups/bent over rows, you quickly write down your time, take a couple of deep breathes and keep moving. This is not a minute or two minute break, so move it along and push all the way through! Make sure you extend your elbows as your bring your KB or barbell down, THEN hinge your hips in the SDLHP. The jumping squats, should be difficult, break them up into 2-3 sets. If you wish to scale the v-ups, place your palms slightly behind your hips and bend your knees so that your shins are parallel to the ground, as you dip into the elbows, bring you knees closer to your chest (look at video). Those bent over rows, should be a challenge, if you can do them unbroken…add some weight.

Let’s finish up with a couple of cat-cows, then moving from cobra to child’s pose for a minute. Lay down on your back, cross your right knee over your left and twist, repeat on other side. First at home baseline in the books!

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