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Tuesday 200421 Four AMRAPs

Recorded version of the 9am class from earlier today 

CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session Apr 21, 2020 04:00 PM

Four 3 minute AMRAPs:
15 Up Downs
10 Back Burpees
Max rep goblet step lunge in the remaining time (50/35#)
-rest 2 min-
Score is TOTAL number of step lunges across all 4 AMRAPS
*In total you will do this 3 min AMRAP 4 times, separated by 2 mins of rest

Intended stimulus
Each of these 3 minute AMRAPs are meant to be pushed- pushed hard. Not with reckless abandon, but with calculated control and pace on the burpee variation. Then let’s display the mental fortitude to not set down your DB/KB on the goblet step lunges. The 15 Up Downs and 10 Back Burpees should take you no longer than 2 minutes on the first round. If that isn’t the case in our practice round, you may consider scaling to 12 Up Downs and 8 Back Burpees (more on that later). The aim here is to leave roughly a minute each AMRAP to get to lunging. Set a goal to consistently lunge until the end of each 3 minute AMRAP, not setting down your load until you hear the coach say “REST!” You will get 4 chances to accumulate as many lunges as possible.
General Warm Up
Start with 1 min of Simon shuffle to get the blood pumping and then move into a set of 10 inch worms. Get a push-up on each rep. Drop into the bottom of 10 air squats, pausing for a few second on each rep. Remember to maintain ridged neutral spine at the bottom, no collapsing! Walk back out into plank and get a set of 20 plank shoulder taps, getting the core nice and ready to support us in those up downs. Stay in plank and get 10 slow and controlled mountain climbers, heel to hand of course. From plank position let’s jump into the bottom of the squat… ok, 9 more of those. We will finish the general warm-up with 10 long legged sit-ups and then 10 alternating step lunges.

Specific Warm Up
Let’s practice some Up Downs as they may be new for many of us. Simply put, an Up Down is a burpee with no push-up. So, you will start standing, put your hands on the ground and jump back into plank position. Jump or step your feet back up to your hands, stand, and then jump and clap overhead. See, a burpee with no push-up! Do 10 of those, fast. Then lay flat on your back (heels, butt, and shoulders touching the ground at the same time), and do a controlled set of 10 back burpees. Grab your DB or KB and go for a simple basic DB warm-up… 5 Deadlifts, 5 Hang Cleans to the front rack, and then a set of 10 goblet step lunges. Bump up the weight if you want and do that basic DB warm-up again. Now let’s to test out our timing. Do 15 Up Downs and 10 Back Burpees for time. 3..2..1.. go! If that took longer than 2 minutes, consider scaling to 12 Up Downs and 8 Back Burpees. The heart rate should be sufficiently spiked. Rest a few minutes and let’s do this thing.

Workout Notes
To be clear, today you’ll be doing the 3 minute AMRAP of Up Downs, Back Burpees, and Max Goblet Step Lunges, FOUR times. Each one separated by a 2 minute rest. On the Up Down, make sure you jump all the way back into plank, no piked butts today! Also, take care not to hyperextend your back when you jump back into plank. Stay ridged! On the back burpee, lay flat and under full control before doing that long leg sit-up and standing. On bother the Up Down and the Back Burpee you’ll need to stand to full extension, jump and clap overhead to complete the rep. On the lunges, keep the torso upright and hold tension in your abs as you step forward, touching the knee to the ground. The knee should be over the top of your ankle here, heel on the ground. Keep that tension held as you drive yourself back to the standing position. If lunging gives you trouble you may scale to goblet squats. As always, bring your DB or KB down from the goblet position and set it on the ground with a neutral spine!

Go on a 2 minute walk. Come back and get in 90s each side of couch stretch. Finally, hug a knee to your chest and crossover the body for a SLOW set of 10 spinal twists

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