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Monday 200420 Three Rounder

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CrossFit Malibu, Virtually- ZOOM Class Session- 4pm

Three rounds for time of:
15 clean and jerks 50/35kg
12 pull ups (C2B?!)
400m run
Post load, time and any scaling

Intended stimulus
The load today is one that you can blaze through round 1 with no breaks. BUT one that will likely need to be broken up a bit in the second and third. But today error on the side of going a bit lighter and push for no breaks. Then over to the pull up bar for some unbroken chin-over-bars. This could turn into chest to bars for those of you with really good pull ups. And then the run should be pushed… but really, only the third and final run should be an all-that-you-got effort. The first 2 are mainly to allow you to keep the pace high on the weights and pull up bar. Nothing left after the last 400- so leave it all out there.

General Warm Up
Start with 8 glute bridges and then 4 on each side. Then up and standing for a set of hip circles in each direction and 5 unweighted wind mills on each side. Then after you get in air squats- always more air squats- do some hanging from the pull up bar, or that special spot you’ve dedicated for hanging. Do 8 slow motion good mornings/Romanian deadlifts getting even more hamstring preparation- as the lowering of the barbell (and you will likely lower many of these because the weight is low)- then go out on a 400m run and decide which sections of the course you will try and push your pace. Maybe it is one of the uphill pieces or the turn around. You decide.

Specific Warm Up
This is all about the barbell and pull up bar… so get in 3 rounds of basic barbell warm up- a complex of your choice. Between each set of barbell work- warm up the pull ups. You might need to use bent over rows (use 2DB at the same time!) to replace the pull ups. On the second and third rounds- bump up the loading a bit- if you have the weight to do it. If not- add a few reps to each movement. In class, we will work on barbell cycling. Bringing the bar down in the same path as it went up. A click and go- rather than a break each rep. Go on one final warm up run- take less than your 400m course- but go easy OUT and return HARD.

Workout Notes
Push the pace and shoot for unbroken rounds- especially in the first and maybe second. Keep it fast in round 3 and really run hard to finish up the workout. Rx is 12 pull ups- but MANY of you who can easily rip thru 12 pull ups can try chest-to-bar instead (right Julian?!). You might even consider some bar muscle ups today. If you can get 6 unbroken bar muscle ups- I would have you do them in the wod (maybe scale them to 9? Depends on your experience with them). While we have pushed the pace in recent running WODs, take it a BIT easy on rounds 1, 2… but round 3 you really need to crush.

Get back out on that run course for a 400m walk/jog. Then we will work through couch stretch and some shoulder mobility (child’s pose with threaded arm to the side) and hopefull you have a roller or lax ball for some smash and sliding.

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