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Saturday 200418 SYLB #3

Today is the final WOD of Support Your Local Box! The third of the 3 session over the recent 3 Saturdays. Sign up- either for free or make a donation. Do the WODs. Post your scores.

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For time: 
50 dumbbell deadlifts (50/35# DBs)
50 abmat sit-ups
50 box step-ups. (24/20”)
50 single-arm dumbbell thrusters (50/35# DB)
Intended stimulus
200 reps today. 200 well paced, consistent, intense reps. Keep those dumbbell deadlifts clean and crisp. Fight to keep your back rigid! Keep your feet balanced, your chest tall, and your gaze out to the horizon and you’ll be just fine. As for those sit-ups, move quickly and sit up tall! Box step-ups, NOT jumps. Drive through the heel and try to control that breath. And finally, a round of applause for the thrusters. Alternate arms as desired. This will be hard. That’s okay. Hip crease below the knee and a powerful drive to take the DB overhead. Control each rep, fight for stabilization each rep, and break them up as you need.
General Warm Up
Start with some leg swings and swipes on each leg before moving in to some walking lizard lunge. Really focus on getting a long stretch in the hip flexor— tuck your tail down and bring your hips forward. Feel it now? Good. Get in 10 inch worms with a push up on each rep and finish by letting the head hang heavy as you bring your chest toward your thighs. Plant your hands on the ground and find a plank position. Alternate between downward dog and plank for a minute before you lay on your stomach for 10 scorpions. Now roll on to your back and get in 8 or so glute-bridges.
Specific Warm up
Pull the soles of your feet together and go for some abmat situps. Feel free to use your arms for momentum— just sit up tall at the end and bring your chest past your hip crease. Come to standing and step up onto your box, driving through the heel and coming to a full stand at the top of the box. After 15 or so step ups, go for 8 ish jump squats. Full depth and a powerful drive out of the bottom. Grab moderately heavy dumbbells and get a set of 10 deadlifts. Notice that your hips and shoulders rise at the same speed! Now drop one DB and hoist the other to a front rack. Drop to the bottom of a squat and hold here for a few seconds. Notice that your abs are turned on, fighting to keep your torso upright. Now stand and go for 5 push press on each arm. Get in a few more deadlifts, and then quickly transition into some single-arm thrusters. Keep your torso upright on the descent and don’t let the DB leave your shoulder until your butt cheeks are squeezed. That’s where the power comes from. Lock out that press and keep your arm pit facing in front of you. Once you decide on your DB weight, get in 5 reps of each movement!
Workout Notes
Keep your back rigid on those deadlifts! Before the WOD begins, decide that your deadlifts will look pristine for all 50 reps! Additionally, keep sitting up nice and tall for ALL 50 sit-ups. These first two movements might feel quick. Control the breath here. And then embark on the trudge of 50 step ups. Find a pace and stick to it— you shouldn’t have to sprint for a few step-ups, rest, and then sprint some and rest some more. Finally, pick up the dumbbell, take it low, and drive it high. Alternate as you wish! This will feel heavy and that’s okay. I’d (Matthew) probably break this up into 5 sets of 10 with the prescribed loading and take REALLY quick breaks before getting back to the DB.
Grab your roller and prop your hips up with it. Hug your knees to your chest. Then, right ankle over the left knee for a figure 4. Hang out here for a minute before switching sides. Finish out this WOD in child’s pose for a minute, focusing on your nasal breathing.

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