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Friday 200417 FGB Style

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Friday 200417 // 9 am WOD- FGB Style
For 3 rounds complete max reps of:
1 minute overhead single arm DB walking lunges (40/25#)
1 minute strict ab-mat sit ups
1 minute box jumps (20/16”)
1 minute single arm DB push press (40/25#)
1 minute alternating DB snatch (40/25#)
*** 1 minute rest ***
Post TOTAL number of reps, load and scaling

Intended stimulus
Yesterday we had a short burner – how are your legs feeling after 100 cleans?! Yep, me too. Nothing better for that than…MORE MOVEMENT. Today, our workout is in the style of Fight Gone Bad, quarantine style. You have a minute, or about 50ish seconds, per movement to get as many reps as you can, jot down your number of reps and then move on to the next, so on and so forth, until you get to your lovely one minute of rest. Find a seat, breathe, focus and get ready for the next two rounds. After the first round, you will have a better understanding of how to push your body, when to set the dumbbell down to shake your arms out, and when to rest. The goal is max reps here and that minute of rest between rounds is to serve as your reset. Aim to get as many reps or more as the first round. You. Got. It.

Warm Up
Now we have a shorter GWU because we want to get right into warming up the specific movements for this workout, so if you want to go for a 400 m run or get in 20 burpees before we meet up on zoom or before you start this warm up… PLEASE do so!
Let’s start with a Samson lunge, step forward, sink the hips into the ground and reach up with your arms, up and down the length of your space (about 20 lunges). In your last Samson lunge, let your palms or forearms find the ground for some lizard lunge, and 10 hip circles on each leg. Stand, for 5 inchworms, holding in downward dog for 5-10 second each time, feel free to add a push ups to each round. Finally, get in 15 jumping squats – practicing that explosive hip opening that you’ll need for the jumps, snatches and presses!

Specific Warm Up
Find your box or place you will step on to and get into 10 steps, then straight into jumps. Again, you can always substitute these for broad jumps or scale to step-ups. Grab a dumbbell and get in 10 deadlifts and then 10 single arm push presses, notice the rigid neutral spice in both of these movements, as you move up and down in those deadlifts and as your dip and drive in those presses. Now, lay down on your ab-mat and go for 10 straight legged sit-ups and then 10 strict sit-ups, drill those heels into the ground! Back to the dumbbell for snatch warmup: place the dumbbell between both feet, deadlift and shrug 5 times, then deadlift, shrug and scarecrow, and lastly, deadlift, shrug, scarecrow and get under the DB. Repeat on other side. And lastly, OH walking lunges, press that single dumbbell up and don’t let that elbow bend as you step forward into that lunge, take 10 steps, alternating arm as you need.

Workout Notes
As I mentioned before, each round you will have to push even harder than the last. Find rest on the push presses, sit-ups and lunges before rest finds you. Never-ending press with that dumbbell up as you lunge, get that ribcage down here and in the push press. The bracing of your core is the key for the WOD today. If your midline is not stable nor rigid, the dumbbells and you will be flying all over the place…maintain control 🙂
Keep those elbows pressed tightly against your chest, keep the integrity of this strict sit-ups each round. Move through the snatches and box jumps rhythmically, keep chugging along, keep these unbroken. Remember to extend the elbow before you hinge back to the ground on those snatches, and alternate after every rep! Record the number of reps you get in each round. TOTAL them up at the end- that is the number that goes on the board.

Let’s come to a child’s pose, for a minute, inhaling and exhaling through the nose for 5-7 seconds each. Come to a table top position, as you inhale, reach your right hand to the ceiling, and as you exhale, thread your arm towards the left and bring your right ear to the floor…hold for 10 breathes and switch 🙂

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