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Thursday 200416 Couplet Chipper

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Time: Apr 16, 2020 04:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Password: 020912

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For time:
100 medicine ball cleans (20/14#)
100 double unders
Post time and scaling

Intended stimulus
Brutal elegance. Yup- lots o’ reps for tenderization of them legs… then double unders. It’s almost mean. Almost.
Consider how long 100 wall ball shots take- in the neighborhood of 5-8 minutes. These are similar in time commitment. BUT they are different and that’s all I will give away there. The DUs can be done in 1 minute. “But after all those squats?” you ask. Right, well, no probably not. It is possible but unlikely. So break them up, but more likely they will break you up.

Warm Up
Let’s start off with a few rounds of 20 single under jump rope followed by 10 sit ups and 10 air squats. Once the heart is beating a bit- get in a one minute bear crawl. Go explore, like a bear would… around the living room, up some stairs if you have some, around the kitchen… but be back in 60 seconds. Now find that special dedicated location that you have created in your house for hanging. Just hang for a minute. Spend 60 seconds stretching out those appendages.

Specific Warm Up
We will go through the medicine ball clean progression of 6-8 repetitions each of: deadlifts, deadlift shrug, front squats, pull unders into a squat, then full movement of med ball cleans. Then some double under specific work: super bouncy singles, some single double unders, then a few more drills.

Workout Notes
As usual, find a pace that prevents you from bonking in minute 3… and stick with it. The med ball movement will be taught in class… but use good “clean” mechanics in the movement. In resetting the ball back to the ground- focus specifically on extending the elbow completely before hinging forward at the hip to put the ball on the ground. This will set the motor pattern up well for the clean (helping you to NOT bend the arms early on the drive).Scaling for double unders are tuck jumps (though even better to practice the DUs). If you can squeak out 10 or more reps in a row- then definitely choose to do the DUs in the wod.

You’ll need some couch stretch for the quads and some good lacrosse ball action in the calves and soles of the feet.

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