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Wednesday 200415 DB Burpee, Run

Today’s WOD is recorded here- do it at home!

For time, complete:
21 DB burpees
400m run
15 DB burpees
800m run
9 DB burpees
1200m run
Post time, load and scaling

Intended Stimulus
Think of this as a weight lifting and running workout- that way you will understand that the load should be something heavy enough that you consider this session has a distinct strength element to it. Too light- and you are not getting that strength work. Run fast- don’t treat the run as a rest… because 10+ minute of running (*at least!) won’t really provide a break anyway. Go fast and get it over with. When the demons start talking to you… get over it. This will be well into the late teens in terms of time domain. Consider adjusting the distances if you run at a clip that is slower than a 9 min/mile pace.

General Warm Up
Do a 400m run (500m row) at the very least by the time you show up to the session. Then we will warm up hams and hip flexors with some general run drills. And so some work to prep that DB lifting- like good mornings, shoulder warm ups with a variety of circles and arm swings.

Specific Warm Up
Get in a DB complex series- deadlifts, power cleans, push press at 5 reps each. GO thru this at least 2 rounds- then try it again with a heavier load. We will be some sets of RDLs to prep the hammies. Play around with the DB deadlift and jumping back into the ground segment of the burpee.

Workout Notes
Steady pacing on the DB burpees. Watch the positioning of the back when moving the load back to the ground. BE braced= this is one of those WODs where not enough load could catch you in bad positions. Be aware of that. Keep a steady clip on the runs. Take a timer with you to track your pace. This is very helpful for gaining a sense of pace- think about how good you can maintain pace on the C2… well that is because you have constant feedback from the monitor.

Lying down in a hot steaming mound is a great way to finish. Then pick yourself up and find someplace to HANG… find pull up bar or ledge to dangle from. Lots of PUSHING the past days- get in some upper body pulling- or at leaset some hanging.

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