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4 Rounds, Each for Time of:
10 Inverted Burpees
20 Goblet squat 24/18 kg
30 KB swing USSR 24/18 kg
Rest Exactly 2 minutes

Intended stimulus
Lots of hip hinging today. Don’t get too worried about those inverted burpees— for some of you, this is a chance to try something new; for others, its a chance to practice being upside down. Regardless, the goal is to get inverted in some way or another. Four rounds, EACH for time. And two minutes of rest… roughly a 3:2 work:rest ratio. In other words, a SPRINT for around 3 ish minutes and 2 minutes of breath-catching. The squats should be hard, like a mental battle to not set the weight down. And the same thing for those kettle bell swings. Keep swinging through the end!
General Warm Up
Reach up to the ceiling with long arms, and then fold forward to touch your touch. Back to the ceiling and toes for the next minute. Then, step back into a plank and move through to downward dog and back to plank 10 times. Come into a table top position and shift your weight around to warm up those wrists. Stand up and go for 10 air squats, holding the bottom position for 3 seconds. Hold onto something and get in some gate-opens and gate-closes for each leg. Now, go for 10 good mornings… say hello to those hamstrings!
Specific Warm up
Grab your kettlebell (it can be lighter than the one you’ll use during the WOD) and get in 15 deadlifts. And now, hoist that KB up to a good front rack and get 5 goblet squats, STILL HOLDING at the bottom for 3 seconds. Don’t set it down yet— go for 10 KB USSR swings. Knees back and heels down through the ground as soon as the KB is between your legs. Drop your weight softly, come into a downward dog and go for a few “kick-ups”. Be graceful going up and down! You can do this against the wall or free-standing. After a few kick ups, let’s put it together— lay down on your back, find an efficient way to come to standing, plant those hands firmly on the ground, and kick up. Grab a heavier KB for some more goblet squats and USSR swings.
Workout Notes
The inverted burpees should be at a steady pace. They might feel slow, but that’s okay. Just keep moving. For the goblet squats, your weight should feel doable for 20 if you’re fresh. You might be able to go unbroken on the squats, you might need to break it up into two sets of 10. Either way, KEEP moving. Moving on to the swings. Hold on tight through till the end— it will feel like a mental battle. I promise, you are strong enough to keep going. Plus, think about how nice two minutes of rest will feel in a matter of seconds! Look at the clock, write down your time and breath deeply and slowly for the next 120 seconds. Then go again.
Collect your breath… you can just lay right on your back. Hug your right knee to your chest and then cross it over your body. Hold here for a while before switching legs. Find your roller and spend some time working up and down the legs.

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