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Friday 204010 10s for the 10th

CrossFit Malibu 9am Class- Live from Chocolate Lily Lane Studio

Here is the recorded LIVE class from this morning

Below is a preview of the Friday WOD

10s for the 10th
Part I:
Every Minute on the Minute, for 10 rounds of:
Turkish Get-Ups (1 right side, 1 left side)

Part II:
10 Minute AMRAP:
10 Supermans
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Box Jumps (30” / 24”)

Intended stimulus
Notice the two distinct parts for todays workout. Say “hello” to the dumbbell or kettlebell that is STABLE overhead in that Turkish Get Up. It’s been a while, so it might take some time for you to get reacquainted. Pay attention to your positions here; it should be taxing even if your weight is light! Moving on to part II, this should be a fast burner. Not too much thinking involved, but plenty of explosiveness (with those jumps ) and control (with the Superman’s and mountain climbers).
General Warm Up
Widen your stance and start with some windmills. Keep the back long as you fold to the side. After 10 on each side, let your arms come down to the ground while you hinge forward and your head hangs heavy. Walk over to the right and to the left for the next minute. Now, hold on to something and get in 10 reverse step lunges (a slight back bend will do wonders to the hip of the leg that’s back). Belly to the ground for 10 Superman’s. Hold your hands and your feet in the air for 3 seconds before coming down… Remember, no flopping around like a dying fish! 10 scorpions and then bring the hips back for some child’s pose.
Specific Warm up
Stand up from child’s pose and squat down to FULL depth, only to launch up toward the ceiling for 10 jumping squats. EXPLOSIVE hip extension— this will come in handy a little later for those box jumps. Now find your way to a lizard lunge and draw 10 circles in the ground for each leg. This is the position you’ll be in for your mountain climbers! Grab your box and get in 10 step ups; drive through the heel on the box and stand up FULLY at the top. Time for some jumps, onto your box. Land softly (remember, you’re a supple leopard). Annnnd, now, grab your imaginary dumbbell. Starting with your back on the ground, move through some HEAVY (not really, the DB is imaginary at this point) Turkish Get Ups. Keep pressing up to the ceiling and pause at these points: with your forearm on the ground, with your palm on the ground, with your hips up high in a tripod position, with your arms perpendicular to the ground, at the bottom of a lunge, and standing.
Workout Notes
A quick word on part I: You might not have a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell. That is fine— the point is to move through a TGU on each side with PERFECT form. Keep it slow and keep it stable. If your DB is “too light”, just do more TGUs per minute (like 2 or 3?). This is going to be 10 minutes; it shouldn’t kill you. It should make you think about moving WELL with some WEIGHT. Now, as for part II, if you don’t have anything to jump on, then your scaling is broad jumps. Jump as far out as you can. And still land softly. Even those who don’t have boxes should aspire to be supple leopards. If you don’t jump, then sub with weighted step ups. The jumps should be fast. The Superman’s should be stable— CONTROL that midline. Keep the chest and the thighs far from the ground. As for the mountain climbers, one foot on the ground at all times. No swinging from side to side in midair. Get the foot to your hand and send it back to the other foot… and then do the same for the other foot. Its only 10 minutes, so PUSH that PACE!
Collect your breath in child’s pose. Push back in to downward dog and peddle out the feet. Lay on your back and get some iron crosses.

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