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Wednesday 200408 Home Triplet

CrossFit Malibu 9am Class- Live from Chocolate Lily Lane Studios
Apr 8, 2020 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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For time, complete:
50 wall ball shots (20/14″ to 10/9′)
40 butterfly sit ups
30 push ups
40 wall ball shots (20/14″ to 10/9′)
30 butterfly sit ups
20 push ups
30 wall ball shots (20/14″ to 10/9′)
20 butterfly sit ups
10 push ups
Post time, load and scaling

Intended stimulus
The goal is the get in some volume of wall ball shots. And 2 other movements 🙂 I’d like you to get through the entire WOD as fast as you can regardless of how you decide to break up the wall balls shots. You mnight consider a big first and second set… but after getting into round 2, the small sets and even smaller breaks could be the best way to go! At the end of round 1 it might FEEL like a push up workout. But not for long.

General Warm Up
Let’s begin with a good old fashioned “CrossFit Warm Up”… minus the pull ups, unless you have a pull up bar!
5 pull ups, 10 push ups (or a warm up version of them), 10 air squats, 10 Samson Stretches. Hit that for 2 rounds… and we are ready to move on.

Specific Warm up
Let’s do a bit of squat therapy… as well as some single legged squat work. This will start with some lizard lunge mobility and head into some candlesticks that eventually lead to driving up from the candlestick in a single legged squat back to standing. We will practice some med ball cleans. Then we will be ready to go.

Workout Notes
As mentioned in the intention… come up with the best way to get through the shots both fast and unphased. Yes, those are on opposite ends of the spectrum- but try and find the middle. Smallish sets and VERY short breaks. I like 8-10 reps every 30 seconds. The rest is built in if you start a set exactly every 30 seconds. Let it drop, take a breath, pic it up and do it again. 16-20 reps each minute and you have air and stamina for the sit ups and push ups. This is NOT the goal on every wall ball workout- but it is the drill today.

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