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Tuesday 200407 Eva + Helen

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Three rounds for time of:
800m run (1k row)
30 kettlebell swings (USA 24/18kg)
30 pull ups (*no bar… then 30 bent over rows)
Post time, load, and scaling

Intended Stimulus
This longer time domain is NOT intended to be merely two weight lifting moves plus a jog. NOPE- it is supposed to be a session where you can display your speed in a few half-mile running bouts despite being tired from a high repetition volume of both swings and pulls. So go for some big sets on the KB/DB/pull up bar… but also do what you can to push the pace on the run.

General Warm Up
Run your 800m course at a relaxed pace. While you are running… come up with a goal pace for the workout. Can you run a single mile at a fast pace in 7:00? If so- shoot for running a bit slower than that for your first 800m and then do what you can to hold that pace as the workout progresses. Get in some hanging on a pull up bar- if you have some rings- get in 10 rows OR some light bent over rows- you could use an empty barbell for this. Use that KB or BB for some deadlifts.

Specific Warm Up
Start off this section with a 400m run or 500m row at a fast pace. This could be done at a pace faster than you will actually use in the workout. Next, use a light KB for some russian swings- you could also use a light DB for this. Go for some pull ups- looking to try and find a scaling or number of reps that will be appropriate for the workout for you. You should be able to do the pull ups in less than 5 sets. For those using bent over rows- you should be able to rep through at least 5 unbroken before switching arms.

Workout Notes
Take the mindset here that you are going to push the pace faster than you will “want to” during the workout. This is one of the main goals today- to use the run to test your mental fortitude. At the same time- go for some big sets on the other movements today: no need to go unbroken… BUT don’t take big breaks. Medium size sets and short breaks.

Get back out there… you might as well get in an easy 800. That way you could boost up today’s total mileage to a 5k! Get some stretching of the quads- do the couch stretch at least 90 seconds on each leg. Two minutes is even better.

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