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Saturday 200404 Workout #1

CrossFit Hq is running a friendly 3 Week “OPEN” Competition that begins Friday!
It is a donation-based online event and it is their intention is to raise funds directly for individual CrossFit gyms that are in financial distress considering the present circumstances. Please sign up for the event so that we can all PLAY in the competition and get our ranking placed on the Global Leaderboard. More importantly it will help put something on the calendar to look forward to each week. You can sign up for free, you can also donate funds to any CrossFit box in the world. Keep in mind that CrossFit Malibu’s intention is to get you to join for FUN and for FREE. We are not soliciting your donations because it is your membership fees that will get us through this. Thank you for your continued support. The video below describes the event. Click HERE to sign up.

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Workout #1… Sign up and input your scores!
As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
10 air squats
9 DB power snatch, right arm (50/35#)
10 push ups
9 DB power snatch, left arm
Post total number of REPS (38 reps/round)

Watch the movement demonstration from CrossFit HQ below

Intended Stimulus
To be clear- if we were programming this WOD, based on the workouts that we did already this week… we would not be doing an AMRAP because we have already done a 15 and 20 minute AMRAP. But that’s ok… it’s a special situation 🙂 So this is a burner. You should use a load that you can move quickly for all reps in a row with no break at all for as long as possible… maybe the entire WOD. Move through those squats FAST! Take a steady pace through the snatches (we did these 9 days ago!) then manage your push up pace. These are the crux of the entire WOD for most people.

General Warm Up
You know that we have an 800m run WOD coming up soon… so get one of those in! Get in some good mornings and glute bridges so get the hamstrings ready for the snatches then some air squats and a bit of cossack movement (lateral single leg stretch/squats).

Specific Warm up
Use a DB lighter than that of the WOD to get single arm deadlifts and single arm push press on each side.
Then a few push ups at the level of difficulty you think will be good for you during the WOD. With that same DB- get a few hang power snatch on each side. Bump up the load for a few deadlifts and push presses- just like on the lighter DB. Now a few power snatches. Finish your warm up with 5 reps on each of the 3 movements to feel out the transitions.

Workout Notes
Do not go out of the gates “hot.” Take a single round to go out at 80% effort. Feel the pace and then look at the clock at the end of round 1. Make round 2 just a bit faster. Check the clock… can you keep this up for a couple rounds? Decide and then choose to alter your pace accordingly. At the 4th or 5th minute you have to look away from the clock and just dig deep and GO. Remember- it will all be over in 10 minutes. YOu can do anything at an all out pace for a few minutes at a time. Make sure you have determined your record keeping method in advance. Make it easy to track after your last power snatch. That will save time.

Find that 800m course- walk out and jog back easy. You’ll want some superman/cobra back bends after all that hinging forward.

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