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Tuesday 200331 Trips AMRAP

CrossFit Malibu 9am Class- Live from Chocolate Lily Lane Studios
Mar 31, 2020 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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Tuesday’s Home Workout
As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
25 medicine ball jump overs
20 weighted walking lunge (with medball in front rack)
15 KB sumo deadlift highpulls (32/24kg)
Post number of rounds and extra reps along with loads

Intended Stimulus
We are shooting for roughly one round every 2 minutes. If you get this “right,” after the first round you will likely not be able to get all the jumps in one single bout. It will probably take 2-3 sets to get all 25- and that is why you need to use something that is high enough AND actually jump OVER the ball or object. These differ from the 12 fast lateral jumps we did last week over the DB. It is higher jump and you must clear about a cubic foot. The weighted walking lunges should go unbroken. If you are new- then you don’t need to load this with any weight. The sumo deadlift high pull is on the slightly heavy side- use your hip drive-but it will be tough after the jumps and lunges! And this will be understood when you actually are in minute number 4 or 5. In a sample round- if jumps and lunges takes much more than 2 minutes- you’ll need to scale the loading or height of the ball/object. IF you are new, consider doing just 10 minutes of this. Doing over 80 lunges will cause soreness you have never known. For you veterans- you will STILL be surprised at the way these bite- but you are physically and perhaps psychologically prepared!

General Warm Up
GO back to that 400m run that you did yesterday… jog it out, and return with some skipping, shuffling, carioca steps, and running. Follow that up with some hurdler walks, knee circles from outside to in. Break out your jump rope and get some single unders… then some double unders. With hands on thighs, open up the hamstrings with some unweighted romanian deadlifts- dragging hands up and down the thighs and shins, keeping knees only slightly bent. Walk out into a plank and get in 20 mountain climbers. Then swing a straight leg out to the opposite side- and continue alternating for 10 reps total. Lie down on your back to get 10 glute bridges and then some iron crosses. Find lizard lunge and get in one minute of subtle movement and rotations on each leg.

Specific Warm Up
With the KB, get 10 deadlifts. The 10 slow “high pulls” up the torso with no hip drive. Feel that its heavy! Now get in 5 SDLHPs… working on the timing- “jump”, pull, then reverse the motions in that order: extend arms and then hinge forward at the hip and back to the ground. We will practice about 4 sets of these- about 4-5 in each set- to work on the timing of the Hips-Arm Pull-lower-hinge segments of the movement. Do a few lunges with no load.
Then get some low, lateral bounces … and slowly increase the height until you are ready to try an object. Get a few on the med ball- remember to use your arm derive to help open the hip to give you more power in the jump.

Workout Notes
Don’t land on the ball or other object! If you are at risk of this- make sure you set up something that won’t trip you up. If you fall on a med ball- you can pretty much guarantee that at least one of your wrists will not come out alive. You could pile up some towels as your object- or something similar.

Go back outside and **find your 800m run course*** Do you think this is a premonition about WODs to come? Take your phone and use Map My Run app- or any other- to get a 400m out and then 400m return to get one half mile, or 800m.
Once you come back inside… lie on your back and bring knees to chest- get some happy baby and hip flexor stretches. Finally- sit in butterfly… and use your thumbs to give yourself a calf massage- all the way from the base of the heel at the Achilles- all the way up to the back of the knee. These jumps do a job on the calves- you have to take care of them after that!

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