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CrossFit Malibu 9am Class- Live from Chocolate Lily Lane Studios
Mar 28, 2020 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Saturday’s Home Workout
5 Sets of AMRAP, each for 3 minutes of:
4 DB thrusters (50/35#)
6 “Turkish Twists” Single DB
12 lateral jump over 1 flat DB
Continue through 4/6/12 cycle for 3 minutes then-
-Rest for exactly 2 minutes

Intended Stimulus
After 2 “consistently paced” workouts, we have another prescribed work/rest training session. The reason for a 2 minute break is so that you can really push the pace with roughly 3 rounds during each 3 minute segment. Why not a full TGU?- you ask? Well, that is because while they DO move a relatively large load a long distance, it cannot (and should not) be done quickly.

General Warm Up
20 bunny hops in every direction, 10 windmills, 10 around the worlds with the PVC pipe, 6 burpees (some of you will substitute 6 burpees in the WOD for the 12 lateral hops), 10 thrusters with a PVC pipe- first 5 all in a row, second set you should pause 3 seconds in the bottom and at the top. IF you’d like to do some squat specific warm up and shoulder warm ups… then add those in right here.

Specific Warm Up
Take yourself through all 3 movements of this workout- one full round- with no loading at all. Get a feel for what a single round is like. Practice the Turkish Twists. Then do another full round with a light weight if you have one. Bump it up another load with another round. Finally- find the DBs that you will use during the workout- you should be able to get in all 4 thrusters unbroken. Go as heavy as you can here. IF you are using a barbell- the same thing. UB throughout- or as long as possible.

Workout Notes
The load for the DB thruster should be as heavy as you can go. If all you have is light weight, please do 6 or even 8 thrusters. If you have a barbell, then the prescribed loading is 50/35kg. Use it if you got it!
So we introduce to you the Turkish Twist- which is simply the initial hip drive and twist of what happens on a TGU. The move on the left side is completed with the left knee up, a DB extended in the left arm, and right forearm on the ground. Drive through the left foot into the right arm and bring the left hip to te3h ceiling, repeat 2 more times… then switch sides for an additional 3 reps. If you need a visual- watch the YouTube video above. It’s worth the time.
The lateral jumps should be single hops, over a flat DB. Don’t trip and fall… seriously! It can get sloppy after a while. Substitute 6 burpees if you aren’t able to do the lateral jumps- for whatever reason.

Take a break! You will need more than 2 minutes to get your air (and sanity) back. Take a minute to write down your results. Get a drink of water. Lie down, put your legs up against the wall… and hang out for 2 minutes. Then take yourself through the following stretching routine: seated butterfly adductor stretch- 1 minute, child’s pose with arms placed on a chair for a minute- during this, alternate the tension back and forth between both arms. Next is seated, figure 4 hamstring stretch on each leg for about 1 minute- followed on each side by a spinal twist.

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