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Friday 200327 TGIF (Thank God I’m Fit)

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Friday’s Home Workout
For time, complete:
400m run
40 weighted box step ups (40/25#, 20/16″)
15 box dips
30 weighted box step ups
15 box dips
20 weighted box step ups
15 box dips
400m run
Post time, load, scaling… text your coaching group your results!

Intended Stimulus:
Did you think that we’d have a 5 minute sprinter today because yesterday was so long? Well, today’s isn’t exactly a sprinter, but lucky for you, it’ll have two FAST runs that sandwich a tough three-rounder. Yes, your legs should feel a little wobbly today… that’s how you’ll know you’ve run quick enough and are stepping up with enough weight. And let’s not forget the dip. Imagine if we were in the hut— we’d be doing dips on the rings, so whatever kind of dips you choose to do, they should be a challenge. Take comfort, the volume of step ups decreases each round; don’t get too comfortable though… they’ll be a burner for all three rounds. And then get back out of the door and run 400 meters faster than your first one! See you in 14-16 minutes.

General Warm-up:
Get out of the house and run at a solid pace. Once you’ve been going for just over a minute (this is where you’ll run to during the WOD), pause and do 10 inch worms in place (don’t forget that push up when you walk out into plank ;)). Widen your stance and forward fold. Let your head hang heavy as your let your torso roll from the left to the right for the next minute. Walk back out into plank and then take your right foot to your right hand and draw 20 big circles in the ground with your hips… do the same thing for your left side before you head back to your house. As you approach your house, get in some butt-kicks, some high knees, some skips, some Frankenstein walks, and some gate open and closes.

Specific Warm-up:
Find something STURDY (this is going to be your box for the workout) and get in 10 step ups. Make sure you stand up ALL THE WAY before you step down. After 10 step ups, lean your hands on the box and go for 10 incline push ups. Search your house for two small stools or sturdy chairs. You’ll use these for the dips in todays’s workout. If you’re doing dips on anything wobbly, find something else to do dips on! Oh, and go for 10 dips. Your legs will be out in front of you and at the bottom position, your elbows should be just above your shoulders. Pay attention to your posture here! Are you craning or over-extending your neck? DON’T! Grab your dumbbell and get in 15 step ups on your box. Warning— they will already feel difficult and that is OKAY! Get back to your two stools for 10 more dips. If you want to make these tougher, then elevate your feet.

Workout Notes:
For starters, the run should be FAST! Push that pace. The same goes for those of you who will be on rowers (you know the drill, 500 meters). If you don’t run and don’t have a rower, your three-rounder will be sandwiched by 25 burpees at each end. As for the box step ups, remember to DRIVE through that heel and stand all the way up. Hold your HEAVY dumbbell any way you like, as long as your posture isn’t compromised. Stay strong going up, stay stable going down. If you never found a box that’s high enough for your liking, find some stairs! For the round of 40 step ups, go up and down the stairs for 3 minutes. 2 minutes for the round of 30, and 1 minute for the round of 20. For those of you doing weighted step ups, notice what I just said about the timing. Yes, it should be about 3 minutes for that first round of step ups! Dips should average just under a minute for each set of 15. And remember, they should be tough. If they aren’t tough, elevate those feet. Remember your posture and keep those shoulders ACTIVE throughout the entire range of motion.

With your back on the ground and both heels on the ground, let both knees fall to the right… and now the left. Do that for about a minute. Roll over to your stomach, stretch your arms out to the sides, and bring your right foot high into the air and over to the left hand… let it fall back to where it started and do the same for the left foot. Do this for a minute as well. If you have a roller or a lacrosse ball, loosen up those calves (1 minute on each calf)! They’ll be a little tender from the run, but remember, no pain face. Finally, find something to hang from and accumulate 2 minutes of hanging, taking breaks as needed.

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