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Thursday 200326 Five Rounder

CrossFit Malibu 9am Class- Live from Chocolate Lily Lane Studios
Mar 26, 2020 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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If you are going to do this WOD on your own… watch the video below AND read the workout notes that are below.

Thursday’s Home Workout
Five rounds for time of:
20 alternating DB snatch (50/35#)
15 shoulder to overhead
15 back burpees
Strict 20 minute time cap
Post time, load, and any scaling

Intended Stimulus:
After doing a number of shorter sprints with planned rest the past few days, this 5 rounder is meant to be on the longer side, more than 15 minutes with a 20 minute cut-off, so getting the right load and choosing the right scaling of the back burpee volume is crucial. Find a pace that you can stick with rather than sprinting out of the gate. The snatches should go unbroken for the first few rounds and the shoulder to overheads should be heavy enough to force at least one break.

General Warm-up:
Start by getting a minute or so of simon shuffle (or jump rope) before getting down on the ground for some spinal twists… right knee into chest and crossover, keeping the shoulders on the ground. 5 on each side will be great. Then stand up and get a set of 10 slow good mornings with your PVC… still don’t have one? Use the broom stick again or put hands on the hips! Get in 10 broad jumps, starting with easy jumps and getting more explosive as you go. Drop down into plank and do a set of 6-10 push-up down dogs, staying in each down dog for 10 seconds or so driving chest down and pushing through the hands. Do some more good mornings followed by a set of 10 air squats and 10 push-ups.

Specific Warm-up:
If you have a lighter DBs get in 5 deadlifts, 5 hang power cleans, and 5 shoulder to overhead (shoulder press, push press, or push jerk). Then, 5 long legged sit-ups. This is the basis of the back burpee. Do 3 back burpees. Make sure your heels, shoulders, and the back of your hands are all in contact with the ground at the same time. If you have a heavier set of DBs, get in another round of basic DB warm-up. Get in 5 single DB deadlifts on each arm and then 5 single arm DB snatches on each side with your lighter DB. Try a few alternating DB snatches. You can switch in front of your face or on the ground. Go to your heavier DB and do a few single arm DB deadlifts and 6-8 alt DB snatch. Finally.. get in a partial practice round of 10, 10, 5. Time it and see what you get. A round of the workout will take about twice that long. If you were faster than 1 minute, go heavier, slower than 2 min, go lighter or scale repetitions… reduce the number of back burpees to 10. Rest a bit before starting the workout.

Workout Notes:
If you only have a single KB, you can do 8 single arm presses on each side. This should likely be a KB strict press. Make sure that on each rep of DB snatch, set up with a neutral spine, let the hips drive open THEN pull with the elbow high and outside. On the way down, let the elbow lock out before hinging and taking that DB back to the ground. Leave your opposite arm out to the side and off the leg! Notice the raid hip extension in the snatch pairs really well with the rapid hip flexion in the back burpee. On your reps of shoulder to overhead, squeeze the stomach to keep the rib cage down and lock those DBs out all the way overhead. Again, heels, shoulders, and hands on the ground at the same time for your back burpees, nice and steady thought these, trying to sprint here will not help you in the long run… but neither will rest between every rep!

Go outside and get in a 10 minute walk, come back in and do hamstring, quadriceps, and calf stretches.

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