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Wednesday 200325 Five Each for Time

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Begin at the 3:30 mark- so you can start at the beginning of the WOD description

Wednesday Home Workout
For 5 rounds, every 4 minutes, for time of:
27 KB swings
21 strict abmat sit ups
15 Army combat fitness push ups
Rest for the remainder of the 4 minute block
Post time for each of the 5 rounds

Here is a 5 minute work out overview if you will do this one on your own. Watch it, then read the notes, then go ahead and get that WOD done!

Intended stimulus
To go unbroken for as many sets as possible on each movement and to finish each work set between 2-2.5 minutes. This will allow about 1.5-2 minutes rest between rounds. Go fast on each round. Try and match your time on each round.By the fourth round, you might be entering the VORTEX of “am I going to finish this round before the next round begins?” IF so- you likely went a bit too heavy OR should have scaled the reps of one of the movements. Try to foresee this situation during the warm up… so that you might scale back to something like 24-18-12 or 21-15-9 reps of these movements.

General Warm Up
Today move through some cat/cow position for about 10 reps, then move out into forearm plank and get some scapular push ups there. Then move into forearm side planks- with some movement in the lower body… moving straight legs forward and back. Continue for each side- them move into push up plank and get in some downdog-into-push ups. Find plank again for knees to opposite elbows, mountain climbers, and finally kick outs to each side alternating for 10 reps. Do some glute bridges- 5 reps, hold for 5 seconds each. Then 3 sets each on a single leg, 5 second holds. Finally- get out your PVC pipe for 5 pass throughs. Wait you don’t have one?! Crazy. Use a broomstick. You need one of these at home. You also need to think about a long term solution for the lack of pull up accommodation at your house!

Specific Warm Up
KB deadlifts for 10 reps followed by ‘kipping’ sit ups and then a few push ups/knee push ups. Those are- roughly speaking- the 3 movements for today’s activity. If you have a light KB or DB- do 8 Russian swings and then a set of 5 Romanian deadlifts, moving slowly through the eccentric/lowering portion. Do about 10 strict butterfly sit ups

Workout Notes
KB swing- if you have a KB that is light enough that you can get4 full American swings for 27 reps unbroken (UB), then go overhead. If it is too heavy- then go Russian- just out to parallel and fight for UB! IF you can’t go UBN, then simply decrease the reps. Strict sit ups= no momentum. Keep butt and feet on the ground at all times. Play around with making an “abmat” out of a towel or a blanket. You can’t really get strict full sit ups without it. If you have an abmat, then you are in luck! Push ups- also need to go UB. Find a difficulty level that you can get all 15 without stopping. This is a SPRINTY workout- keep moving keep moving! Then rest so that you can do the next round at the same speed. Use the clock to keep precise time. Grab your phone and actually time it. Write down the finish time of each round… and then keep your clock running so that you can start the next round at the top of the minute at the next 4 minute block! That means this WOD will take about 18.5- 19 minutes. Work rest at almost a 1:1 ratio. You are trying to complete each round in 2-2.5 minutes. (see Intended Stimulus)

Get on your back and do some iron cross spinal twists, alternating for 10 reps. Then prop up your hips and get in some happy baby. Roll to the belly and find cobra pose… and then after a minute get into child’s pose. Now… go for a 15 minute walk. Go get your coffee=, get yourself outside… and take a walk.

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