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Tuesday 200324 Tabata Five

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I HIGHLY encourage you to do a general warm up on your own before you join the session… that way you can be assured to be as “warm as you need to be” before we begin. For suggestions on the WARM UP- go to www.crossfitmalibu.com and do the warm up that is written.

Tuesday’s Home Workout (aka- same as the 9am Group WOD!
Tabata 5 Movements
8 sets of maximum repetitions for 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest
-rest for 70 seconds-
Handstand Shoulder Taps (“marches”)
-rest for 70 seconds-
Row for calories OR KB sumo deadlift high pull (20/16kg)
-rest for 70 seconds-
Hollow rocks (count number of breaks taken!)
-rest for 70 seconds-
Bottom-to-bottom air squats
Post total number of repetitions completed for EACH movement
Example- Mike: Burpees-51/HS taps-93/SDLHP-72/Hollow Rocks- 4 breaks/squats-110
Take the one minute rest to write down your score for that movement
*There are dozens of “tabata timer apps” available for free. If you do this on your own- get an app. It will beep when you need to start and then 20 seconds later beep to signal the 10 seconds rest break. They have versions that play music, etc.
*You will do ALL 8 sets of burpees… then take the break (2 cycles of 20:10, and then start the handstand shoulder taps. This is NOT a circuit. Each movement will last for 4 minutes, so including breaks- the tabata section of this WOD will last 24 minutes.
Intended Stimulus
This is a classic high heart rate, high intensity interval training workout. Do your bests to keep moving for as many reps as possible during each 20- second bout. It is interesting how 10 seconds rest seems to be “just enough” to be ready for more! No work during the rest phase- though at some point you will likely need to sneak a quick rest into the work section. Go out hard and try and continue. Then go harder. The one minute rest break will give you MUCH needed recovery time to go again.
General Warm Up
As I recommended yesterday- go for a 4-5 minute run (or walk if you can’t run… then row for 2 minutes). When you come back in the house do the following routine:
10 long legged sit ups, 10 scorpions *(on belly 10 alternating torso twists), 10 air squats… then get in 8 inch worms: stand tall, forward bend, crawl hands out to plank, do one (or more) push ups, then walk feet to the hands, stand up and repeat- move around the house!
Lie on your back for 10 alternating iron cross trunk twists, and then 10 more sit ups. Finally do 5 air squats- pausing for exaclty 10 seconds in the bottom of each one. NOW you know what a bottom-to-bottom squat is!
Specific Warm Up
In the ZOOM class we will simply spend a minute or two practicing each movement- going through range of motion and common flaws and corrections. Today we will cover some scaling options and modifications for the sumo deadlift high pulls (at the gym we would just use the rower- but today we will use a kettlebell- unless of course you DO have a rower, in that case use it!) We also need to cover the handstand shoulder taps. Take a look at the video below where it is covered for you briefly.
Have someone draw a chalkline around you. Get up within an hour… or they will think there is a real problem. Do some of the yoga related stretches you know. Set a timer for 8 minutes and relax into some positions for one minute each. End by sitting cross-legged. Sit quietly, eyes closed for some duration… but set a timer to know when you are done! (I suggest 4 minutes!)

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


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