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Monday 200323 5×5 + Met Con

Monday Home Workout and 9am ZOOM Group Class
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I will join AT 8:59am. See you then.

You will need a pair of DB (as heavy as possible for YOU) or you could also use a barbell!

Part I.
DB Hang squat clean thruster

Part II.
As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:
15 DB goblet squats
10 renegade rows (“pulls” only)
10 mountain climbers
Post total number of rounds completed

Intended Stimulus
Part I. The 5×5 of hang squat clean thrusters should be heavy. IF we were at the Hut- we would likely use barbells. So, if you have a barbell at home, then consider using it for today. IF you have some heavy DB, then use those. IF all you have are light-ish DB, I will provide some guidance so that the 5×5 FEELS a bit heavier!
Part II. More squats… but use only half the load than you did for the 5×5. You should be able to push through all squats unbroken (UB). Then holding plank for the next 2 movements is going to be “FUN”. You should still be able to get all reps UB… at least for the first few rounds. The row is the pull only (you’ll get enough push ups later in the week:)) and then the mountain climber today is NOT a jump and switch… it is step R, return R, step L, return L foot. it is a “march.” You are shooting for over 4 rounds.

Warm Up
Get outside and go for a 4-5 minute run. In our group session we will be doing simon shuffle and leg swings. But if I were doing this on my own- I would get outside for those warm up short runs as much as possible, especially if you are going to be working at home all day! Because powerful hip extension is so important in the squat clean- do some standing broad jumps- a total of 8. Each one, gradually get more and more power. Blast OFF. Then go for a set of squats- then a few goblet squats. Spend 2-3 minutes on some lizard lunge mobility. Then try out the mountain climbers.

Specific Warm Up
This will be with a light set of DB. But don’t think I forgot- many of you only have one set of DB. If that’s the case, then do some of this with only one DB… then go to the 2.
5 reps each of deadlifts, hang power cleans (or snatch), push press- then a couple thrusters. Take a break, get some push ups, PVC pipe pass throughs and/or downdog and child’s pose to warm the shoulders. Try out some plank position DB “pulls.” Get in one more set of 5 DB hang squat cleans… moving right into the thruster. You are ready for your first set in the 5-5-5-5-5

Workout Notes
Part I. After about a good general warm up: if it is clear that the DB you have will never truly be “heavy”… please make the following adjustment:
Do a hang squat clean thruster- pause in the bottom (the lighter the load, the longer the pause, but begin with 3 seconds), then blast out of the bottom and go directly overhead, hold the overhead position for that same duration, then reset and continue with reps. If you have heavier load- then shorter duration pause OR no pause at all! Rest about 2 minutes between sets. IF you are going truly heavy- then perhaps wait 3-4 minutes between sets. Increase load if you have more weight… if not, simply make today a volume set. Keep same load each set.
Part II. You only need one of your DBs- or if you were on the barbell, decrease the load by at least 50%, maybe more. Try out a few goblet or front squats. 10 reps UB should be guaranteed. Start your first round and just get the hang of the sequence. Second round, speed it up a bit. Then round 3 is at the pace you try and hold for thet remaining few minutes. SHORT breaks. Remember to count your rounds (use some loose change and add one to the set ot keep track).

Get back outside and do that 4-5 minute run once again. Let all your neighbors know that you are sweaty because you just did a “5 by 5 and an 8 minute AMRAP”… they already think you’re weird. It’s ok.
Today let’s go for some more deep glute rotators with either pigeon pose on each side for 1 minute or the reclining ankle to knee. Then try soem child’s pose with hands/arms elevated on a table or chair.

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