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Saturday Activities 200321

11am #socialdistancing hike at Sara Wan Trail- park along PCH opposite Malibu Seafood. Keep in mind you don’t actually have to run across the highway- there is an “interesting” underpass there that we can use once everyone arrives. Following (or towards the end of the hike) we can call our orders in to Malibu Seafood- pick them up at the to-go window and then eat at the beach. Current weather shows a 6-7% chance of rain- so I think it’s a GO!

Saturday’s Home “Active Rest Activity”: or A 30 Minute YouTube Experiment 
Below is a link to a video filmed in the living room of some basic gymnastics scales, h/L sits, and some glute stretching, etc. It was done free form as an example of the regular “feel like moving but not a workout” kind of things I sometimes do. If you’ve ever done the Whole Life Challenge- it’s what I tend to do for the 10 minutes of daily mobility… but an extended remix version of that!

Upcoming Note for Sunday Yoga with Maria Via ZOOM at 4pm-LIVE!
Each of you on a CFM Coaches Team will be sent a meeting appointment and you can join in at 3:50pm for the session to start at 4pm. Some more experimentation with various ways we can connect and move together. Let’s do it LIVE!
Download ZOOM here.

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