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Thursday 200319 Three Rounder

We got a lot done Wednesday…  Just about all of our equipment has been lent out – thanks for helping that process go so well. Check in with your coach at some point this evening or tomorrow morning. Watch the YouTube video attached below or follow us on Facebook to get these posts over there.

Thursday’s Home WOD
60-40-20 reps/round for time of:
Single Arm DB Push Press (50/35)*
Single Arm DB Bent Over Rows (same)*
Double Unders (sub:double tap penguin jumps)
Check in and share results with you “team”

*alternate arms as desired, balancing work equally between left & right sides


Warm up
Simon shuffle for 2 minutes. Seriously- set a timer and go for 2 full minutes. Your calves need to be warm… then get in some calf stretches- either in down dog or like we do on the squat rack. Practice some double unders and/or do the double tap penguin jumps to get your DU timing down (Jump in the air and tap sides of thighs twice as your feet come off the ground). Some right over left, left over right arm swings. PVC pass throughs… you should have one by now/or use a broom stick! 5 inch worms, each with a push-ups or two. Then play around with the WOD movements…if you have a lighter DB use that for some reps and practice the transition from push press to row.

Intended stimulus
Use a DB heavy enough that opening up with 10 reps on each arm feels HEAVY. Since you are dividing 60 repetitions evenly between right and left arms, sets of 10 will work well. IF you can take bigger sets with the weight you have, then DO it. Bent over rows will feel a bit lighter. So similarly, take fewer sets if you can. This workout should take between 12-15 minutes. Going a bit heavier today, is better than going a bit light. Remember we have had two bodyweight days in a row!

Unlike when you are at The Hut, you probably do not have a wide selection of weights to choose from. So you will need to decide if given the weight that you have, this rep scheme is right for you. Understand that if the load is TOO heavy, decrease the number of repetitions (ex:50-35-15). It is preferable to go a bit heavy on this, so don’t worry if you absolutely need to take quick breaks between/in the middle of sets. Quick breaks. If you have a rope and have double unders, choose those. If you don’t, substitute double tap penguin jumps. For those of you who are emerging double under-ers and have a rope, today is a day to get double under practice before the WOD and maybe, scale down the reps during the WOD. There should be no more than 5 minutes of jump rope IN TOTAL during the workout.

For the bent over rows, stabilize your opposite arm on a box or bench. You should be braced at the midline and pushing through the box as you pull the DB. The DB should be pulled into the upper rib-cage and lowered to roughly the knee. Maintain a rigid neutral spine at all times and do everything you can to avoid rotation of the torso.

Find something to hang from. SERIOUSLY. I do not believe you if you say that you have nothing to hang from. You really need to find something to hang from until you are back in the comfort of The Hut.  Child’s pose with hands on box or table to get a deeper lat stretch.

Meet up at today at 7am– in front of Sunset Restaurant on Westward Beach Road for an easy run and/or walk (your choice) up to the Point Dume Headlands and back- likely about 2.5-3 miles or so. Try and not let the early morning darkness deter you… The sunrise will be worth it.

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