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Wednesday 200318 WOD and Meet up

Noon hike at Solstice Canyon... At Corral Canyon Rd just off of PCH- drive back to big parking lot. We will walk out on the “low road” trail back to the burned out house/waterfall at 12:15pm. Most of us will continue back up and over the Rising Sun Trail. Good for everyone!

Eric gets “Mini-Murph” completed at his home gym in a FAST TIME!

Wednesday Home Workout
Five rounds for time of:
25 sit ups
30 steps walking lunge
Post time and any scaling/modifications
*total time including warm up and cool down, ~35 minutes.

Warm up
Hold on to something and get some leg swings and swipes. Get on the belly and do 10 alternating scorpions followed by on the back for some iron cross twists. Warm up the glutes and hamstrings (for the lunges!) by doing a few glute bridges… Lie on your back, knees bent with soles of feet flat on the ground. Lift your hips to the sky and feel the glutes and hamstrings engage/squeeze. Hold for about 5 seconds. Repeat 6-8 sets. Drop into 10-15 air squats and perhaps feel a bit of the soreness from yesterday’s air squats. Then get a minute (or more!) of lizard lunge stretch on each side to prep the hip flexors for the lunges. Finish up the warm up with a one minute plank hold… during which you can move the arms back and forth between push up position and forearms on the ground. (this all takes 9-10 minutes)

Intended stimulus
Always beware when you see a simple couplet like this! It is always a bit more “pointy” than you think. You should go at this full speed on the sit ups. For each person this will be different- but go at a pace where you can get the first set of repetitions done at an unbroken, steady pace. Top speeds will see the first round finish in 90 seconds and likely continue at a pace that completes the entire WOD in just under 10 minutes. This is designed to be done in 12 minutes or less. Test out a sample 1/2 round. See if your time can match that pace… if not, consider scaling back a bit in the number of reps. This is a WOD that many can finish the movements “Rx”… but can you finish it in the intended time domain? Finally, the sharp end of this couplet will be felt on Thursday or Friday- with a poke in the glutes- but only if you hit the pace hard. Go fast and don’t stop.

Decrease the repetitions to 20 sit ups and 20-25 steps walking lunge for a reduction in total work of about 25%. Unsteady in a walking lunge? Then hold on to a counter or something steady for balance. Try reverse step lunges for more control and stability. If you didn’t do squats yesterday and lunges arent your thing- substitute air squats.

Play around with folding up a thick towel in different ways to replicate an abmat. The idea is to get some leverage with your low back. Keep it simple.
On the lunges, take care of that trailing knee. Let it kiss the ground gently. Try it on the beach and go even faster in the hard packed sand. Keep your leading heel on the ground during the step. Hands can go anywhere except on the knees.

Repeat some of your warm up movements. Do a few supermans and then hold a gentle cobra position for bit to extend the back after all the flexion of the spine in the sit ups. Pull the knees into the chest for a long “happy baby” and after you are there for a while- do the ankle to knee deep glute stretch for 1 minute on each side.


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