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Tuesday 9am Meet-Up

(Please read the CLOSURE POST below as well as this post)

People will be meeting up at the far west end of Zuma Beach parking lot at 9am. (that is the Trancas end of the beach). Parking along PCH and then walking to the far end of the “beach wall” alongside the sidewalk. The group suggestion is to do “Mini Murph”- the ‘at home version’ that is listed below. Currently weather shows a 40% chance of rain. Let’s see what happens. Afterwards consider ordering some take out food from Kristy’s or Vintage Market and eating in the park. All social distancing can be readily achieved, as well as getting in some fresh air and exercise.  A second round of this will be meeting at 4pm same spot, but check this site in advance for any updates.

Tuesday’s Main WOD- for those of you with at home gyms:
Mini Murph … It IS St Patty’s Day after all
For time:
800m run
4 rounds of:
10 pull ups
20 Army combat fitness test push ups
30 squats
800m run
Post time and scaling

*Listen to the Drop Kick Murphys perform LIVE from Boston at 4pm PST*
-We will watch/listen to the show on YouTube during your workout
First time in 24 years they will not perform a St Patty’s Day Show

Home Workout Option
For time:
Run 800m
4 rounds of:
10 pull ups ***
20 Army combat fitness test push ups
30 squats
800m run
Post time and scaling

Home Workout Notes
*** no pull up bar?- substitute 10 back burpees***
This means lie down flat on your back, heels and back of hands in contact with ground, then get up and jump with body totally vertical (clap or not, your choice), repeat. Get FLAT! Don’t rock and roll:) One rep means going from the body being totally horizontal to totally vertical.
To “measure” out an appropriate distance for this: after warming up your pull up, go for a 2 minute run at a pace that is sustainable but not easy. THAT is your turn around spot. Turn back around and return to the start. That is the “right” distance for you today. Make sure you run MUCH faster than that once the workout starts! Be strict with your positioning and range of motion on the 3 movements, burpee, push up and squat, during the 4 rounds



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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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