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Closures and MORE INFO… please read entire post!

The Hut is officially closed- by executive orders of the Los Angeles County of Public Health and the City of Malibu until at least March 31st. We will be a hub for you during the next 2 weeks and potentially beyond as we offer the following info/resources:

<<reminder, check in later tonight for tomorrow’s plan>>

1.) Post information on meet ups in various locations that will have workouts in open, public spaces where mandates of social distancing can be adhered to. Trails run by the federal government, beaches run by the county, and private spaces like tennis courts and backyards will be the settings for these informal gathering of friends to get some exercise. Thanks in advance for those who have volunteered spaces- let us know if you’d like to do so. These will likely be held at 9am and 4pm. Other times may emerge.

2.) Post REGULAR CrossFit Malibu programming with basic workout notes for those of you with home gyms containing enough equipment to run these kind of WODs.

3.) Post simple Home Workout Options for those of you with minimal equipment or space. There has been great feedback from many people that did Monday’s at home session. We will look to provide some video content via YouTube to complement that information.

There will be time set aside today and tomorrow to determine our ability to loan out equipment and for coaches to write some individual programming and to make house calls. Of course we know that YOU and your family are going through this in different ways and have to handle the next 2 weeks and beyond. We are on your team and are ready to offer the support that we can.

Some final suggestions:

*Eat well. Do what you can to not comfort yourself with food, drink, alcohol, etc. This is exactly the time to batten down the hatches and STAY COMPLIANT.

*Move. More or less than usual- but that is up to you to determine. Sure watch some movies, play cards with the kids, catch up with reading your Hummingbird’s Daughter. But get some movement, workout, mobility, stretching, yoga. Whatever it is… meet up with friends.

*Practice your methods of self care that keep you calm, connected, and grounded. We are humans on earth having an experience. One that is very new to all of us. Though the context is different, I have very real mental and visceral sensations that compare to the Woolsey Fire aftermath. The situation feels similar in terms of my nervous system response… I’ve been here before. I know what works for me. Do what works for you… and if you want to talk- just call, email or text.


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