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The cleaner we use has been checked with a list compiled by the American Chemistry Council and is on recommended as a cleanser  This is the same product we have always used. Adding the clorox bleach wipes, we are doubling down on what has alreadty shown to be very consistent track record of keeping our environment clean and free from communicable contagious outbreaks. (from this blogpost on 200313)

After further research- the type of Simple Green that we have always used at CrossFit Malibu (the All Purpose version) is a cleanser and not a disinfectant and is not one of the 2 Simple Green products that DOES protect against “emerging enveloped viral pathogens” that can transmit/cause Covid-19. Apologies for the misinformation, I am sorry that this was not accurate- but please keep reading so that you will know our updated plan…

While we WILL continue to clean the floors daily in our usual way- we will also disinfect the gym floors using a bleach solution that, according to the CDC’s information on environmental cleaning and disinfection recommendations – “will be effective against coronaviruses when properly diluted.”

Keep in mind that according to the CDC reference linked above, “spread from person-to-person (coronavirus including this novel version as well as similar versions that cause SARS and MERS) most frequently happening among close contacts.” We will still be using the routine CLEANING methods that we have before because it does reduce the number of germs and reduces the risk of spreading infection (according to the article). We will also DISINFECT (using the bleach wipes and solutions) because it kills germs on surfaces “after cleaning which can further lower the risk of spreading infection.”

We now have nitrile and latex gloves that you can and SHOULD wear when using bleach wipes or spray to DISINFECT any surfaces. This practice is for the sole purpose of protecting your hands from the harshness of bleach on your skin. My hands are already showing signs of irritation after less than 2 days of using these products. Use gloves only once, throw them away in the trash can, wash your hands before entering the gym and on your way home.

Finally, I have ordered the Simple Green disinfectant suitable for use in the gym that does not need dilution and that is scheduled to arrive next week. Until then, we will use the Clorox bleach disinfectant solution.

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