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Wednesday 200303 Not For Time Triplet

Today’s focus is placed more directly on achieving quality movement with each rep rather than moving quickly or with intensity. You see in the WOD description it says specifically “constant motion and slowly.” Be deliberate with everything you do today. Move with an emphasis on getting everything right, moving with intention and flow. That goes for each rep- which means, if you are pushing through something with speed or momentum then stop. Get it together. And start again with a renewed focus to move well. Move with control.

Gaby, Bonnie, and Mikaela went on to Rx the handstand push ups

Wednesday’s WOD at  6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
With constant motion and slowly:
21 single arm DB bent over rows, each arm
9 ring/bar dips
30 air squats
15 single arm DB bent over rows, each arm
12 ring/bar dips
30 air squats
9 single arm DB bent over rows, each arm
15 ring/bar dips
30 air squats
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Wednesday 5pm Open Training Hour

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