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Thursday 200123 Muscle Snatch with some Pull/Push

Today’s WOD focused primarily on taking the barbell from ground to overhead with an emphasis on translating the lower body drive with legs/hips into an upper body pull- locking the bar out overhead. Lots of mechanics work will be coached and corrected. Then some appropriate loading will be added as indicated. A few push/pull finishing activities… just for fun!
Today is a great day to attend the 4pm WOD- and then stick around for the 5pm Olympic weightlifting session. The 4pm is the perfect warm up and prep for the 5pm. As we RARELY do: go for a double today.
Say Hi to Cath and Phoebe- holding MedicineX up down under. Kim CB brought them back from Oceania for a few weeks
Thursday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
Muscle snatch
Post number of sets and heaviest load
Three sets of max rep strict pull ups
Post TOTAL reps across 3 sets
One set of max rep strict press with 2RM snatch load
Post reps and load
Thursday’s 5pm Specialty Session- Olympic Weightlifting Technique and Training
Overhead squat and full snatch

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