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Wednesday Morning Only!

What a great result with yesterday’s inverted burpees. So many encouraged athletes responded well to the stimulus of 45 handstands in the WOD, particularly after spending an entire month doing a few minutes of inversions here and there. It just goes to show what some deliberate focus on a singular movement can do for your abilities. We KNOW, quite convincingly that some specialized practice results in improvements directly related to the movement being targeted. And now the REALLY COOL THING, is that there are multiple other variables that receive indirect benefit from this focus. Inversion practice can also help with balance and coordination in other movements. The “face your fears” aspect of practicing the handstand definitely carries over into having the confidence to try new movements/activities. The extra time under tension that they shoulders receive go on to strengthen the shoulder girdle for pressing… and the carry-over goes on and on. So while we typically do not spend much time specializing in any one, single domain- there is always some benefit to picking out something to target and give it some loving attention!

Mark gets inverted during yesterday’s Deadlift/Special Burpee WOD

Wednesday’s WOD at  6, 7, 9am NO EVENING CLASSES
Five rounds for time of:
20 wall ball shots (20/14#)
25/20 cal row
30 double unders
Post time and scaling

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9:30am
“Saturday Style” WODs… no, we won’t tell you what’s on the agenda!
And YES, we are open at 9:30am on Thanksgiving, so come on in.

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