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Friday 191108 OPEN WOD 20.5

It is time for some wall ball shots and rowing (like Tuesday’s WOD this week- so you are already warmed up and primed for the movements) and if you make it all the way through- you’ll get to do some max rep muscle ups or pull ups, depending on your division.

At least, that is how we think how you will go about it IF you are not sure that you can complete all of the 80 cal row and 120 wall ball shots in under the 20 minute time cap OR if you are unable to do any/many muscle ups or pull ups. That way you can record a tie breaker time and then chip through as many reps as you can get of the gymnastics movement until you are time capped.

Participants having an idea they can get through everything can (and likely should) get some gymnastics in along the way instead of just finishing the couplet. Lots of ways to do it… but some are better than others!

Remember that this evening we will begin group heats at 4pm (as well as in the 7, 9am, and 3pm class sessions) and then the final 2 heats will be at 5 and 530pm. We will likely be able to begin the movie screening (after a quick food run to Whole Foods) at about 6:15pm.

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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