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Friday 190927 Broken Heavy Jackie

Here is the schedule for the Saturday Taco Decathlon! If you intend to do the entire Decathlon (GOOD FOR YOU!) then please arrive at 6:30am to get all the info you need AND to warm up. Thanks in advance for getting here early/on time.

  1. 7-7:30am-Teams of 3: 3×1 mile relay run (CAN substitute row or run). Find your own teammates in advance OR during the 6:30am warm up period on Sat morning.
  2. 7-8:15am– Establish a 1 repetition maximum deadlift. As simple as it sounds… just make sure you stay within the time limit.
  3. 7:45-8:15am– With a partner, complete Fran for time. Work/rest, divide the 21-15-9 repetitions of thrusters (45/30kg) and pull ups any way desired. Find any teammate.
  4. 8:30-9:00am– A row event
  5. 8:30-9:00am– A sled event
  6.  9-10am– A barbell “Girl” named WOD event
  7. 9-10am- A barbell “Girl named WOD event with the same load as WOD 6
  8. 9-11am– A Floater WOD called Bike-n-Burp
  9. 10:15-11am– A Strength Ladder
  10. BIG WOD– like we do on Saturdays!
  11. Yes… we are taking it to Eleven on Saturday… Tacos are Served.
Andy’s first performance in the Open back in 2015… many years later- much stronger!

Friday’s WOD at WOD at 7 & 9am and again at 3 & 5pm
Heavy Broken Jackie
For time:
333m row sprint
Rest exactly 1 minute
333m row sprint
Rest exactly 1 minute
333m row sprint
Rest exactly 1 minute
15 thrusters (80/55kg)
10 weighted pull ups (50/35# DB between the feet)
Post time and scaling

Friday’s 4pm Open Hour Training


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