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Friday 190913 Heavy Front Squats

Best of luck to Julian who did his last CrossFit Malibu WOD for a while, as tomorrow he takes off to study and live in Germany for the year. Julian has spent roughly a year with us at the Hut and has many of you chasing his times in workouts day after day. He has been on some great adventures all over the USA in his self-built travel truck and now he heads oversees. Whenever he has been out of town he still follows the CrossFit Malibu programming and sometimes even sends in his scores- a dedicated Hut athlete. Have a great time in Germany and let us know how things are going for you!

Have a great year in Germany Julian! Look forward to having you back in the future.

Lots of opportunity to set multiple personal records today. If you look up some of the data from the “compare to” dates listed below, you can set up a plan to break some of your previous bests. Now remember- that if you PR a 5 rep max… you MIGHT not have the energy for besting your previous 3 and 1 rep maxes. But then again- you just might. These types of heavy days give you the chance to test some things out- get really warmed up, be smart, and let’s see how you perform.


Friday’s WOD at 7, 9am and again at 3 and 5pm
Front Squat
Post load for heaviest 5, 3, 1 rep sets

Compare to: Aug 21 2019 (3RM), June 18 2019 (5×5), May 7 2019 (1RM), Dec 14 2018 (1RM), Sept 14 2018 (5,3,1)

Friday 4pm Open Training Hour

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