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Wednesday 190911 RunPullLift

Welcome to a number of CrossFit Malibu newcomers! Emma is a Pepperdine student and also a competitive equestrian. She was encouraged to come train with us at the Hut by Gaby and Dulcie- they all ride out of the same barn. Dulcie has trained with us off and on over the years beginning back with her soccer team in 6th grade. If you look carefully at the website banner- there is STILL a picture of her and her teammates from way back then… and they graduated from high school this past spring! Dulcie is currently interning at Mending Kids- look forward to an upcoming hiking event she is putting together in mid-October. Randy and Mark are all well into their Elements series- each of them also enjoy mountain biking. Lance was a Div 1 volleyball player back in the day, and Patrick recruited him to join us at CrossFit Malibu. Jane has spent some time within Elements and some group classes here and there… she started her fitness movement by spending lots of time hiking up the Solstice Canyon Loop. While she still does that once a week or so- she has loved getting more into the lifting we do at the Hut. Please welcome them to the gym… and check in with them if you see them in group classes soon- see if you can help them out with anything!

Dulcie finishes off a thruster during a recent Elements workout

Wednesday’s WOD at 6, 7, 9am and again at 4 and 6pm
For time, complete:
800m run
21 chest to bar pull ups
21 deadlifts (80/55kg)
15 chest to bar pull ups
15 deadlifts
400m run
9 chest to bar pull ups
9 deadlifts
Post time, load, and scaling

Wednesday 5pm CrossFit Games Open Style Preparation

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